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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Wednesday 31 May 2023

Dog walking and making plans

 My neighbour, Madeline, has had her second cataract operation and, as a consequence, I find myself taking "Mental Mylo" out for exercise twice a day for the next fortnight or so. No big deal, especially with the continuing situation of blasting NE winds across this part of Kent. Mylo is still just a puppy, in reality, and a bit boisterous if allowed. I keep a supply of "Bakers Meaty Meals" in my pocket so as to maintain the upper hand whenever we're out. Today I decided that we'd take a drive across to the flatlands where I'm planning to spend much of the summer in pursuit of some very special Carp. I've two drains in mind and have already contacted the relevant land owners in order to ensure access without upsetting anyone. The one visited this morning involved a lengthy walk and allowed me to let Mylo off the lead safe in the knowledge that there was no chance of other dog walkers being encountered. Mylo behaved really well, although did manage to jump into the drain on four occasions, thanks to the bankside damage caused by the totally unwanted (by the local farming community) Beavers. This blog is not a war zone, so if you have differing opinions about the reintroduction of Beavers all well and good - please don't waste your effort, or emotions, attempting to alter my personal viewpoint. 

I have to admit that I saw no signs of Carp, this morning, although the drain itself certainly hasn't seen much human activity judging by the luxuriant vegetation growing along the banksides. As the 16th June gets closer, so I will start a program of pre-baiting in the hope of increasing my chance of success come that opening night ritual. As is my preference, it will be particles all the way; a single rod with a centrepin just to add to the enjoyment. The freezer is already well stocked with pre-prepared offerings, and the study cupboards hold plenty of the dried ingredients awaiting their turn in the slow cooker. Flavours, colour dyes and taste enhancers are all assembled, awaiting the next batch required. 

It is my hope that all those Jan/Feb/March sessions, down on the "Carp Puddle" where I played around with rig mechanics and bait presentation will now pay dividends. I have a set-up, which includes the insane Gardner "RIGGA" CVR hook pattern, that I feel will give me the best chance of landing a new PB Carp. So okay it's not too much to beat, at 24 lbs 10 oz, but given the venues, and tackle choices, it would be an immensely satisfying outcome should I achieve this target. As with any angling situation out on the flatlands, watercraft is key. Close range and very intimate, the whole situation dictates that stealth is a fundamental aspect of any session. Nowhere, on the two chosen drains, will I require more than six sections (9 metres) of the Nash Bushwhacker baiting pole system to get my baited hooks in position. I'm presently looking at the options available to me for removing the requirement of the Carp Porter barrow. Short sessions with the bare minimum kit? I have just over two weeks to make a decision on what is, and isn't, essential.

The one to better? 24 lbs 10 oz - my current PB Carp


  1. A Mylo has moved in next door. I think Mylo's owners need get the upperhand......

    1. BB, a quick trip to Tesco should be enough to get a box of "Bakers Meaty Meals" If that doesn't work then it might require something more serious. A dog is never the issue but, instead, the goons who are masquerading as the owners. If things don't improve? Make sure you don't exchange Christmas cards. Black pudding for breakfast? Get real - gotta be Hash Browns every time, even Carp don't eat offal!
      Great to hear from you, stay safe & tight lines - Dylan

    2. Hash browns...maybe occasionally.

    3. You know it makes sense! Clotted Pig's blood & intestines - how hungry are you?