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Monday, 27 April 2020

When you're down?

I received an email, computer generated, today reminding me that my rod licence had expired and it was time to renew it. Bloody genius, next line on the web page that I was directed to stated "that in line with government guidelines - DON'T GO FISHING!" Cheers EA for that pointless kick in the guts. It's painful enough, knowing that the rods will remain in the holdall, without such harassment for further wasted expenditure. I've not been able to go fishing for six weeks now, can I get a rebate on my previous licence because of government instructions? Can I bollocks!! It doesn't work like that. You want to go fishing? You need a current rod licence - end of! I'll get my new one when I'm able to cast a line again, not before.I suppose one of the benefits of modern technology is that my next licence, as did my previous one, will run for twelve months from the day of purchase and no longer the duration of a calendar year or traditional coarse fishing season. Every cloud?

So whilst I'm on about pointless stuff, I photographed a BTO ringed Herring Gull, perched on the pergola in our garden, one day last week. It is one, of a pair, which has taken up residence along Vine Close and will probably be nesting very shortly? With birds of this size why no colour ring? I had absolutely no chance of reading the full ring details, although BTO & London were discernible from some of the images I recorded. With technology advancing at such a pace, why are bird recording schemes not keeping abreast of developments in order to maximise the usefulness of the data which could be generated? Before you bother posting a comment - I bet it's all to do with money?


  1. Seems quite strange not having renewed my licence yet. I usually do it in a small Post Office just to give them a couple more feet falling through their door.

    1. BB,
      Great to hear from you mate! I, too, use the local Post Office when I renew my rod licence, just to support small businesses around our neighbourhood. It was a really nice gesture from the EA to remind me of what I'm missing?
      Hoping all is well with you and yours in darkest Norfolk? Stay safe - Dylan

  2. Hi Dyl... hope you and yours are keeping well (as can be) in these crazy times... WTF ay?

    For the last month or so, a rather splendid Herring Gull frequents the edge of the gable roofed house opposite. Due to his grandeur I’ve named him "El Capitano" when referring to him amongst others. Not that I’m in the habit of putting an alias to our feathered friends, it’s more that during "lockdown" I’ve spent most of my free time (I’m a "keyworker" for my sins) in the garden and consequently have identified individuals of various species that frequent my micro patch. Anyway, this bird has two rings; a small silver metal ring on the right leg (much like yours) and a much larger (longer) orange coloured ring on the left leg. Unfortunately, not in possession of long lenses, I can’t read any defined details. I’d be interested to know his story, just out of curiosity. I really must try and temp him down in order to get a closer look through me bins.

    Stay safe brother; catch ya on the flip side


    1. Hi Andy,
      Obviously, without actually seeing the gull, this is just my best guess. Your bird will have been ringed by the North Thames Gull Group at one of the landfill sites in the Thames corridor, near Thurrock. The code on the orange ring will be alpha-numeric (two letters, a number, then finishing with "T") in black. If you do manage to get a look at the code sequence, then Paul Roper is the guy to contact, easily found by searching Google for the said NTGG.

      Like yourself, I am a key worker (chemical manufacturing) but as orders have dried up, will be taking an extended "furlough" period whilst Fuji attempts to steer a course through this crazy situation.

      Hoping you and the people you hold dear are keeping safe and well?

      Oh to cast a bait once more! I promise I'll never complain about eels again after this enforced lockdown.

      All the best - Dyl