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Friday 27 March 2020

#BWKm0 - week 1 gone

It doesn't seem possible that seven days have elapsed since the start of this "laid back" garden birding challenge. Looking at Steve Gale's latest offering (click here) it would seem that our ranks are growing daily as the reality of the current situation starts to impact on all of our lives. I'm really enjoying this base level birding and am trying to use the situation to actually watch individual birds, as they go about their daily routines, rather than simply identify the species and on to the next one. The way this pandemic seems to be panning out, I don't think that time will be an issue - we're going to have loads of it at our disposal. With Bev's mum being so vulnerable and frail, our need for social distancing is a key factor in protecting her from this deadly menace. This weekend will see us both staying within the bungalow footprint, the only interaction will be with the carers who visit, four times a day, to assist with her cleanliness and medical requirements.
I've got loads to do around the garden, mainly tidying up the patio area and cutting back some of the Budlehia branches which are cloaking the aviary. If nothing else it will keep me out of mischief whilst allowing me to remain outdoors without any nagging guilt that I should be doing something more useful? The forecast isn't too sparkling, NE winds, gusting 45 mph, with light rain on Sunday. Who knows what might be seen during this unsettled period? It can't be too long before I start to pick up on some vis-mig, the conditions next week look like they have potential, although I'm on early shifts and will, therefore, only get the afternoons, into darkness?
Just one more addition to my list today, as a pair of Goldfinches dropped down onto a sunflower heart feeder for a few minutes just before mid-day. I rattled off a few token shots, but always distant, on the furthest feeder, my image is a very heavy crop from the original.

32 - Goldfinch - a pair at the feeding station for a few minutes

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