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Friday 13 March 2020

Am I missing something?

"Covid-19" Has the whole world lost its' collective mind? At worst, this is a very unpleasant illness with death being a possible outcome if you are already suffering underlying health issues, even more so if age is also an issue. What it ain't is the end of the world!
Yet our leaders are in total disarray - no collective, or correlated, response to the "pandemic" as it marauds around the globe. I'm sat here in my study having just got home from work, where Sky News is streamed into the tea room as the workforce had requested long before the Brexit fiasco, but the commotion being whipped up by this latest development beggars belief. Italy in lockdown, France soon to follow suit? Across the pond, that fake tanned idiot is blurting out contradictory statements by the minute, whilst our own clown prince hangs onto the tails of our scientific advisers. Yesterday I was told that I should self isolate if I had a "new cough" or fever symptoms - for seven days? Isn't the incubation period two weeks, so if I'm already coughing it's too late to prevent me passing it on ?
Utter chaos, yet our political elite are still attempting to point score at a party level when what is needed is a unified strategy.  As unpleasant as it might be, the one thing that every living entity on this planet has in common is the fact that death is not an option. The way you make your mark is what you do with the time between two dates; very simple when viewed at this level. So there was Boris, all serious and sombre, addressing the cameras and admitting that his government were following the best advice, as was to be had from our chief medical scientific team, who are the very top of their field. I have to agree with this definition as I feel sure they have a massive influence over the direction our NHS is headed. If you look at the current figures, nothing but positives can be given to the NHS for the paucity of deaths from Covid-19 in ratio to those diagnosed cases. The recent budget had our new Chancellor saying that whatever the NHS required it would get. Why do we need a global pandemic? The NHS should get whatever funding it requires - no ifs or buts!
So if Boris is so convinced by the advice about combating Covid-19, as supplied by the scientists, why the f*ck doesn't he, and all the other world leaders, take any notice when science is providing the evidence of global catastrophe via the climate change situation? Do you really need me to spell it out?


In 2020 over 1.5 million people (out of a global population of 7.7 billion) will die as a direct result of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) Covid-19 won't ever get close to this level of mortality, yet because if might affect profits in the "western world" it has caused utter panic amidst those who have nothing more than the "mighty dollar" as a reason to exist. A very short sighted strategy based upon the the time spent between two dates - birth and death!  I've really enjoyed my journey, thus far, and have no intention of stepping off this mortal coil any time soon, but do have very serious worries about the chances of my grandchildren ever being able to experience the same joys of seeing their own grandchildren. Global extinction is the real issue, not another version of the poxy flu! My guess is that it will be far too late before any money orientated effort is fully supportive of change to the way the comfortable elite run our planet.

If you've made it this far - many thanks. Please don't feel the need to spit your dummy if you don't agree - they're just one bloke's thoughts in a population of billions.


  1. A sensible and accurate assessment of how the world has gone mad and one no doubt shared by most people who still have to go to work each day to support the family, rather than spend it trying to find bog rolls to buy. When I was a child we cut up the Daily Mirror into squares for bog paper and hung it on a nail in the outside toilet, probably still the best use for the Daily Mirror even today.

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for the comment. I have to base my opinions on the information provided by the Sky News service and the BBC web pages, both of which appear to be as impartial as is possible. The scandal rags are little more than propaganda vehicles for whichever political allegiance they are aligned with. All the time they remain in production there will never be a shortage of bog paper!
      Work is still right off the scale and I'm spending an inordinate amount of my time packing digital ink, which is bound for 83 different countries around the globe. It is only the efforts of real individuals that can make this happen, not faceless jobsworths with no comprehension of the real world beyond the walls of their air conditioned offices. You get but one life, so live it.
      Spring won't be too long now, let's hope we're allowed outside to experience it? Take care and steer clear of folk who have dirty hands - Dyl

  2. Dylan, My thoughts exactly! people are becoming more selfish regarding their attitudes to one another and their environment. The relentless pursuit of the of personal and financial importance paramount., as for the media, they are governed by viewing figures and money, so scandalous news and so called "celebrity " news sells papers and gets bums on seats at the cost of the root cause of many of today's and soon, the futures impending global and life changing events. Come on people Just be Kind!

    1. Phil,
      Thanks for this - I don't think it's "People - just be kind" more a case of "get real!"
      Take care mate - Dylan