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Saturday 23 May 2020

Two weeks stolen by Covid-19

It must have been six, even seven, years ago when I watched a Youtube offering depicting a group of "bikers" riding the Tyndrum to Loch Awe road, all, helmet fitted, Go-Pro imagery and accompanied by the wonderful Elbow track - "One day like this" It is now a song which is synonymous with my memories of Loch Awe and everything it stands for in my life's journey.

But now reality is life in "lockdown 2020" and all that this unprecedented situation entails. Since Bev and I got together, it has been our desire to have a fortnight's break somewhere, in the sun and beyond our normal routine,  a holiday abroad for want of a better description. To be fair, we've achieved this, and so much more, during our time together. What with retirement beckoning and the current state of affairs doing nothing to suggest that it won't be sooner, rather than later, we have to accept that our first Spring holiday on Kefalonia is already a write off. Today, 23rd May, we were due to fly from Bristol, along with four of our dearest friends, to spend a fortnight in a villa whilst celebrating birthdays and the like. It's been put on hold, certainly not cancelled, but one thing's for sure, it ain't happening any time soon. We've all lost money, of that I'm certain, but in the bigger picture no way is our situation unique and a lesson learnt?  Sure, we're pissed off that our plans have gone "tits up" but what about those folk on Kefalonia whose livelihoods are 100% reliant on tourism. How are they coping?

These past five years holidaying on Kefalonia has resulted in some of the most outrageous events of my life, Friendships formed between people who have absolutely nothing in common, other than honesty of soul and the recognition of the true value of such things. We will be together soon, of that I'm convinced, but in the mean while we need to remain positive. So to Carrie-Anne & Craig, Leon & Leenie, it's "Yammas Malakas"- we'll be together as soon as is possible, that's for sure!

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