Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Saturday 16 May 2020

All rather quiet

The garden seems to be very much in a state of limbo at present. Still plenty of visitors to the feeding station, but all very predictable in the species department! The parakeets are regularly using the bird bath as opposed to the sunflower heart feeders, so I'm fairly confident it's for moisture to pass on to their offspring. The local pair of Common Buzzards have started to behave very differently, now they have an established nest site. The male is doing the vast majority of the hunting, thus leading me to believe that the female is now incubating? Although they can still be quite vocal, he tends to head off to hunt over the farmland, usually accompanied by an irate Crow or Herring Gull, but returns, alone, just skimming the ground so as to avoid the attentions of these pesky neighbours? It'll be very interesting to see if this breeding attempt is successful? Urban Buzzards, great stuff!
I'm feeding a lot of dried mealworms, at the moment. £4.99/400 g at B&M's - I soak them overnight, about 50 g, then place them in a tray below the feeders and scatter a few on the lawn. The Magpies love them, as do the House Sparrows and Starlings, only very rarely does a Robin or Great Tit show up to enjoy the feast.

The first fledged juvenile Starlings, of the year, were present this morning, as was the first juvenile Dunnock. At least the local birds are off to a good start this Spring it seems? I spent the majority of my time sorting through the carp gear in preparation for my first visit to the syndicate fishery since the lockdown began. All mats, slings and even the barrow got a thorough clean up; my rods, reels and assorted terminal tackle were given the once over to ensure that my first visit would see every base covered. Munga, having been in soak for 24 hrs, is now in the slow cooker whilst sweetcorn and tuna flakes await the liquidiser treatment, prior to joining the mix, once ready. I have no great expectations for this first visit, I've only allowed myself ten hours and have to abide by very strict rules as to where I'm able to fish, so being able to wander around trying to locate fish might not be possible. I'll just be happy to be on the bank again, a bite would be a great bonus under the circumstances. A decent tench, or even a bream, would do the job. All I hope for is an R3 to sound out as the bobbin rises steadily towards the but ring - roll on Monday afternoon!


  1. Birds in my garden get a real feast each day Dyl. It's mixed seed (sometimes soaked overnight) crushed peanuts, sultanas, breakfast cereal and the main event, grated cheese. Yes, grated cheese is number one for every species from Blue tits to Magpies, but especially Starlings. I've had two broods raised in my place alone. But zero House Sparrows. They are scarce around here.

    Fishing? I'm stuck here. Ok to fish the canals but can't as well. Impossible to keep distances and all that, day or night. I can leave things for now. I have alternative activities.
    Good luck with the fishing all the same.

    1. Hi Ric,

      Feeding the birds! I have two sunflower heart feeders, one with fat balls and a fourth with seed & insect mix, as supplied by Glennwoods (B & M's) In the two mesh trays below, I offer soaked meal worms and broken peanuts. I think you'll agree it's a pretty diverse menu? Grated cheese sounds like it might be an interesting alternative, sultanas? I have a major issue with feral pigeons here - and although my Webley Mk 3 might be a deterrent, these winged rats are just a pain in the arse. One other food item that I'm able to use, when Bev has neglected to eat them, is apples and/or pears - the parakeets love 'em!
      Sye was telling me that there are anglers already back on Tring, but not able to fish Wilstone because of social distancing rules. My little syndicate venues are perfect for being able to remain isolated, using un-branded tackle makes me a bloody leper? Modern carp angler's don't want to be seen anywhere near me - long may it continue.
      Hoping that you and Bronwyn are keeping well? Stay safe - Dyl

  2. Cheers Dyl.

    An almost total absence of Feral Pigeons (2 max), rats or mice, allow me to scatter the feed loosely all over the garden. The birds come down en masse and systematically work the area until every particle is gone.

    I have a custom built feeder full of crushed peanuts and sun-flower hearts. It's an old water filter jug modified into a large hopper. I fill it up and it lasts ages.