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Thursday 28 May 2020

Pinch yourself - this is reality!

Sixty four and one half years I've lived in this "Green & Pleasant" land, proud to be able to call myself an Englishman, born and bred. My family values have instilled an incredible sense of patriotism, an unquestioning devotion to the Cross of St. George and the Union Flag beyond.  Equally respectful of all others ability to be proud of their own birth rights, wherever in the UK (the world!) they originate. Cecil Rhodes once said, to a disgruntled soldier fighting in the Boer War, and I quote!
"Sir, you are an Englishman, thus have won first prize in life's lottery!"
My Great Uncle, Joe Lawrence, fought in WW1 and came home, after witnessing scenes of utter horror and experiences that he never spoke about, with Lloyd George promising him, and his fellow service personnel, a Land fit for Heroes!
Likewise, family members of my parents generation fought, and died, in the conflict of WW2. Again, those who survived the conflict never spoke about the experiences they'd been forced to endure. The only thing that I can recall is that my uncles, be they Royal Navy, Army or Air Force biased, never once said anything which would encourage a child to join the Armed Forces? Winston Churchill had made great collateral from the "The Few" quote relating to our pilots involved in The Battle of Britain, and, again, once hostilities had ceased, the UK politicians again promised a golden future.
Anyone spotted where this is going?
Covid - 19 is my generation's version of a war and, once again, politicians are pushed into situations that are well outside any comfort zone. The ordinary man, on the street, is now at the mercy of these, party point scoring, clowns. Let's get this said here and now - Politicians tell lies, for a living! End of.
Boris has made a major error of judgement, but then again, he was always a pathetic excuse for a human being from the off! Let's remember that he couldn't hold a candle to Paul Merton, Ian Hislop and Angus Deayton during the "Have I Got News for You?" days. Ensuring Dominic Cummings still has a job or the well being of the UK populous? A difficult one, yes I agree, but then I haven't had to drive sixty miles in order to check my eyesight?
Proud to be English, yep I still am. Proud of the pathetic dereliction of duty, as displayed by our current Cabinet incumbents is less clear - I despair at the incompetence on display. What do outsiders think - looking in?


  1. Their ideas get dafter and dafter. The latest one - you can have a family BBQ all day long in the garden but a member of the family can't sleep in the same garden overnight in a tent.

    1. Sadly, it doesn't matter how silly their ideas are - nothing surprises us any more!