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Wednesday 27 May 2020

No credibility, certainly no respect

Well today's "Liaison Committee" farce finally put the "tin hat" on any chance of Boris remaining a serious voice in this pandemic situation. It was like an episode from The Muppets, only far more laughable, if only it wasn't so bloody important! Matt Hancock simultaneously announcing the track and trace system being launched tomorrow. If you have been in contact with some one who's tested positive then the instruction is to self isolate for 14 days! Get to fuck!
Shops are reopening, the beaches around Thanet are absolutely rammed. This Conservative government has lost any hope of remaining a credible source of information due to the ridiculous pandering to the career of one, unelected, adviser. When the second peak comes, and rest assured, following this whole sordid affair, it will, Boris and co might just have the guts to say sorry? Yet somehow, I very much doubt it!
I'm now back at work, which has been a great lift during these crazy furlough times. We're only working day shifts, so I'm walking there across my Newlands patch. A Yellow Wagtail is holding territory on a potato field, some 400 m from the bungalow, yet I've still to record one for the #BWKm0 garden list. A Lesser Whitethroat is singing away in what remains of The Old Rose Garden, just reminding me of what I've missed during this strangest of Spring's? A couple of Skylarks are also present and the Common Buzzards remain in situ around the main farm compound.

With very little else to point the camera at, I've been recording the sunsets as viewed from the garden. No two ever the same and a nice distraction from the nonsense of reality in 2020!

This is my first post using the new "Blogger" settings - they're are causing me all sorts of issues and might well be the beginning of the end. I ain't poncing about with this crap. Can't get text to align or resize my photos!
Update - I've just reverted back to "classic blogger" and have managed to sort out these issues. What is the matter with Google - why mend something which isn't broken?


  1. Under the new track and trace system, if you show a positive testing you have to advise the trackers who you've been in contact with recently, so that they can alert them. Can you imagine some replies - "well I was on Margate beach a few days ago among several hundred other people"

    1. Derek, It looks like the skiver's charter? Don't fancy work for a couple of weeks - ring in and say you've been told to self isolate, just like Dominic Cummings - so go visit your aunt in Scotland! Bloody genius!
      These are very strange times and not getting any better as time passes - take care mate - Dyl

  2. I think I canhed to new blogger ages ago or did it change again, I cant remember. I have just found how to make my photos a bit bigger and I am enjoying that, but best to stick to tried and tested set up Dylan, your blog is just great as it is...

    1. Stewart,
      I don't know if my laptop had a hissy fit, or if Blogger required me to, at least have a look at the "new Blogger" stuff, but this post was an absolute nightmare to get sorted! Hopefully it was just a glitch and normal service will be resumed ASAP?
      Thanks for the positive support - I'll do my best to keep posting - cheers - Dyl

  3. Instinct Dyl. That's all anyone needs now. It worked for the 'one', so it's good for the rest of us.

    1. Ric,
      It blows my mind to think that one, unelected, individual is "so important" as to be worth all this fall out? There will now, certainly be a second spike, and everyone will know why, who and what caused it. The government have lost the plot - big time! I didn't do rules when I was at school, buggered if I'm sticking to them now I'm coming up sixty-five! Boris and his Cabinet - you'd get no less sense out of a class in a kindergarten! Stay safe - Dyl