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Friday 29 May 2020

Justice and democracy - now just words in a dictionary

Once upon a time there was a world when equal rights, freedom of speech and punishment fitted the crime were central to the civilised society for which they were the founding pillars. In 2020, none of these fundamentals hold sway any longer. I've just about had it with the pathetic rabble who masquerade as our political leaders yet, am fully aware of the situation across the pond. The most powerful human being on Planet Earth, with an IQ just short of that of a garden gnome, has gone to war with "Twitter" over their censoring his outrageous claims. 
Johnson can't believe his luck? The incoherent ranting of the "fake tanned moron" almost make Boris's failings look insignificant. These are very strange times and when the ordinary man needs a hero to step up to the plate we've got this pair of imbeciles. Is there any hope for our grandchildren?
Sorry to keep going on about this ridiculous situation, but I simply can't ignore the political lunacy that is affecting all our lives. We need leadership and we just ain't getting it from these tossers!


  1. For some reason Dyl, I'm drawn to the relative merits of a high tech snipers rifle.

  2. You're not alone in thinking like that Dylan, many of us are thinking the same.

    1. Sadly, none of what the ordinary guy thinks is of any interest to the "elite"