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Saturday 23 May 2020

Dominic Cummings - a total disgrace!

I was going to leave this until tomorrow but, as Mark Skevington has set the ball rolling, I'll have my say now. Within the corridors of power are some incredibly shady characters who wield huge influence over the direction our political elite manouver. One such, odious, individual is Dominic Cummings. I don't know the guy, never likely to cross paths, yet this power seeking, egotistical, fuck-wit has undermined everything the government has been imposing on the entire population with no consideration to the fallout or the consequences. The man is a self-serving c*nt - not much more to add!  Let's hope that the front line NHS and care workers are able to identify with his "essential travel" whilst desperately fighting to save the life of another Covid-19 victim. If there's any justice in this crazy world - he'll get his! Is Boris really the PM, or just a puppet? As leader he must show the UK that no one is above the self isolation guidelines and rid our political scene of this nasty little man. Come next Thursday, the 10th week of our NHS clapping tribute, let's hope that we will be able to also celebrate the removal of this unelected scum bag from the UK political scene?


  1. This is a mess Johnson could have dealt with, but has completely destroyed any vestige of integrity he had left by backing this guy 100%. By refusing to answer any questions at the press conference on the subject. We've gone from a position where we thought we couldn't trust or respect these people, to a position where it's confirmed.
    Lets avoid them if we can. They are a disease all of their own.

    1. Billy Connolly once said, "that desire to be one, should prevent you from ever becoming one!" He was, of course, speaking about politicians! It would appear that in 2020 they are even further removed from ordinary life than ever before. I despair, my grand children have to attempt to live their lives governed by such folk who have no grasp of reality? I'd love to be able to avoid them, but politicians are part of the infrastructure of our democracy and, as such, won't go away. Johnson needs to grow some bollocks, or jump ship just like David Cameron before him, he's now way out of his depth and this latest episode does nothing to dispel this viewpoint.
      Keep safe and stay lucky - Dyl