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Saturday, 2 May 2015


More years ago than I care to remember I was a member of Boxmoor & District Angling Club who's Westbrook Mere fishery was famous for a 40 lbs 8 oz carp caught by Ron Groombridge in June 1966. On the gate, which lead to the fishery car park, was a sign which read "Leave Litter - Leave the Club!" A sentiment with which I whole-heartedly agree; anglers are their own worse enemies when they discard their rubbish in the habitat surrounding the fisheries they visit. Litter has no place at a fishery - end of! I'm probably a bit OTT about this subject but, just as I can't accept mis-treatment of pike, I will not tolerate anglers leaving rubbish in the countryside. They are no advert for a fantastic hobby, yet their actions are the one's that impact on others and result in the sport being brought into disrepute.

See that blue bag hanging on the bivvy, to the right - very commendable that the guys collected their rubbish
rather than throw it around the area.
The litter situation around the shores of Kilchurn Bay is getting better, it used to be an absolute disgrace! Whenever we have visited this magnificent venue I have prided myself that we have left the place in better shape than when we'd arrived. Picking up the odd crisp packet or beer can is not too much of a problem and could just as easily be left by other visitors to the Scottish Heritage site, the castle is one of Scotland's big tourist draws. However, there are some displays of total disregard to any environmental responsibility/impact by anglers that it is unforgivable. I was witness to one such display last week - and by visiting anglers from the Midlands.

Spot that same blue bag hidden in a crack in the rocks, directly below the castle.
Why? This is a site of historical importance - take your rubbish home; no excuses!
Having my camera gear to hand, and being confined to the bivvy for long periods, ensured I recorded the whole sequence of events. I hope those guys responsible feel, rightly, ashamed. Quite why the locals have to be subjected to this anti-social activity is exactly why the fishing on Loch Lomond has now been subjected to such restrictions. Losing access to Kilchurn Bay is not beyond possibility?

This gentleman is a local, who walked his Collie around the castle every day. He is not paid
to pick up litter! Why should he be cleaning up the crap left behind by visiting English anglers?
You know who you are - and so do I!

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