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Thursday 28 May 2015

Moving on

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself reporting the end of an era; one which will only be remembered with fondness and joy! The Milton Mk VII - 125w MV moth trap has finally given up the ghost. Phil (Milton) built this "Skinner-type" contraption way back in 2001 and it has been the mainstay of my garden mothing ever since. I have enjoyed many happy times as I've examined the contents of the egg boxes within this trap. Some phenomenal species have occurred in my tiny piece of England - one of the very first was a Silver Barred, but there have been so many others! Migrants aplenty have all been discovered within the confines of that wooden box - Scarce Silver Y, Golden Twin-spots, Ni Moth, Bordered Straws, Eastern and Scarce! The first UK Pine Hawk-moth and Shore Wainscot for Franny (!) have also graced the Mk VII - happy times.

The Milton Mk VII, as set up in the garden in 2013
The up-turned plastic table is to prevent the light upsetting the birds in my aviary.
I have now had to resurrect my original "Robinson-type" trap, but with some major adjustments. This particular moth trap was the result of a joint project between Batchelor's (Unilever - Ashford) and my brother Simon. It is a very robust construction of heavy gauge Perspex, Ply-wood and Stainless Steel, originally housing a 250w MV bulb. In that guise it was a distraction to aircraft approaching Gatwick - so I've toned it down - it now houses a 125w MV.

A completely different design, and probably twice the internal capacity of the Mk VII.
This "Old Girl"(complete with generator) has travelled widely around Kent and France with some fantastic results.
What price a decent migrant before the fishing season starts?
I'm going to give it a try tonight, the weather isn't looking all that favourable, but that's never been a concern in the past. Only time will tell? It's June in three more days and the fishing season starts sixteen days later, there's plenty to think about in the next couple of weeks.

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