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Sunday 24 May 2015

If you really care? - INSPIRE

I make no secret of my total disrespect for the teaching profession - school kids who never had the bollocks to leave education! (and that includes the women!) Fred Dibnah, Professor Brian Cox, the late Patrick Moore, massively enthusiastic about their passions and wonderfully eloquent in their delivery of why it matters to them. If I was in charge, that would be the basic requirement for any individual who wished to enter the teaching profession - not such an outrageous concept? If you are enthused by your subject then, it stands to reason, that you'll be able to create interest simply by the way you go about teaching the subject - even if it's cooking!

Absolutely no point in showing a four-year old the subtlies of moth identification?
An Elephant Hawk-moth does everything required - bloody spectacular.
My time at school wasn't as bad as I make it out to be - there were individuals who made an impression. Sue Llewellyn taught me the basics of understanding the joy of, written and spoken, English (ness) - Mrs Pritchard provided an understanding of geography, and so much more, whilst Peter Payne was the catalyst, via Peter Perfect (I kid you not - my teacher at primary school - Westwick JMI, Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead) who were to give me an insight into the wonders of the natural world that co-exists within the same spaces I inhabit.
There is no way that I've suddenly become an "evangelist" - a harbinger of great tidings - nope! I have simply used my time with Emily, the passed couple of days, to focus my thoughts - for better or worse? Our environment is under, ever increasing, threat - thus it is vital that we, as caring, individuals, who derive great pleasure from these encounters, do our very best to pass on this passion, in whatever guise. Rarity has no part in the equation, oh no! What we need is full-on, in the face, gaudy! The subtleties of plumage variation between pipit species is of absolutely no worth - the initial spark will be ignited by something far more blatant! If we fail in our task, then who will be there to defend our natural world? Those video games are a far more sinister that you first think - virtual reality? A ruse, by which the multi-nationals can deflect attention to their, never ending, rape of our planet.
What purpose showing Emily a Dunnock?
There can be no better ways to introduce a child to birding than a Rose-ringed Parakeet at our garden feeding station?
Possibly I'm deluded? Is our world really under such threat by "big  business"? If I fail in my task, will it really be such a catastrophe? I'll not live long enough to discover that truth but, as a concerned grand-father, I'll do my bit to ensure that the next generation are aware of their natural heritage.

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