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Tuesday 19 May 2015

That's a bite?

Inside the walls of the digital ink manufacturing department, of FSIS, the wind-up is an accepted, nay expected, part of the working day, and I wouldn't want it any different. Factory life is not, as the majority envisage, life spent in the doldrums. My, forty-odd, years inside various of these industrial environs has been extremely enjoyable (although I readily admit that it is not a place for the timid, nor precious - it's cruel, almost brutal, at times!). It builds character, develops individuals and hones life skills - you live by your wits, get in first or be got! The first lesson is to always be on your guard and think carefully about what you say - truth has never got in the way of a, far better, distorted interpretation of any conversation. Great times, great memories and great banter with a bunch of equally silly workmates. My present employment within the Fujifilm empire is up there with anything that I've previously been part of. None of us will ever be overly rich, financially, but we have so much more to celebrate. We are not paid to worry about business strategies, or the like yet, we get paid sick leave, nearly six weeks holidays, two annual bonuses (Christmas and mid-May) and so, so much more! Getting the piss taken out of you is simply "par for the course" during any working day. I'm as likely to encounter flack from my supervision as any other of my peers - it's simply our way of making the day pass by. There is nothing that I can't call my supervisor that he hasn't already called me (believe me!) - it's the factory floor not a monastery!
I'm, therefore, gutted that I got taken in yesterday when Benno told about the conversation with the owner of Long Shaw. Those two jealous anglers have done something which no-one, at work, has managed in a long time. I "bit" - why?  Possibly my guard was down but, in all honesty, they've done me up like a kipper! I won't be going back to Long Shaw - but it's because of them, not my decision - gutted that I've been had right over! If they worked at FSIS, they could rightly expect some form of retribution - and I'd willingly engage in some form of campaign. They don't - and they've won?

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