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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Thursday 11 March 2021

The final push

 Despite the awful weather forecast, with just three more days of the "traditional" angling season remaining I have a single aim before the curtain falls. I would really like to catch one more decent fish from the flatland drains. Having landed a very nice pike, just last weekend, the target species are now carp and/or tench. Am I mad? All I know is that only by casting a baited hook, into the water, will I ever get an answer to this question. I've been putting quite a bit of effort into this particular challenge and will, hopefully, be able to blog about my efforts with a fish, or two, to share? My approach is to do things my way and, as such, not something copied from the Korda/Nash Youtube "how to do it" offerings. Quite what defines a "decent" fish will be for me to decide if I am fortunate enough to get a bite! Fingers crossed.

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