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Saturday 6 March 2021

Signs of change

 No weekend overtime for the first time in ages and, with no plans to get out with the rods, I've spent a very pleasant period, today, in the garden watching the local birdlife. Nothing added to my BWKm0 list, but still a very enjoyable time looking at the regular species I expect at this time of year. The weather was kind, sun shining brightly from a lightly clouded sky, although temperatures were nothing to shout about due to the northerly airflow. 

Not the greatest image of female Greenfinch - but I can cope with that

I felt sure that a Red Kite was a real possibility, although a little early, but had to make do with a trickle of Common Buzzards instead. A female Sparrowhawk, high overhead, might well have been a migrant as it was not behaving like a local bird. Over at the farm compound a Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming frequently whilst a Kestrel was engaged in a vocal exchange with a grounded Peregrine (on prey) out on the newly planted potato field. Greenfinches continue to visit the feeding station, providing a wonderful distraction from the regular House Sparrows, Goldfinches, Blue Tits and Collared Doves. Good numbers of Black-headed Gulls moved high, south, over the Newlands fields and four Rooks flew in the opposite direction. All good stuff within a "patch watching" mentality.

Not much else to get excited about but, I'm fishing tomorrow, will have something to offer when I get home?

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