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Wednesday 10 March 2021

Every month of the year

 It couldn't have been more than twenty minutes after I posted my effort, yesterday, that a hedgehog turned up at the feeding station. I completely screwed up the photos due to a focussing error that was totally my fault. I quickly discovered this cock-up as soon as I looked at the images on the back of the camera - bollocks!! However luck, it seems, was on my side as a short while later the hedgehog returned for a second course and this time there was no repeat of my school-boy error. With the image captured I was well pleased that another of my, self-imposed, challenges had been achieved. I have photographed hedgehogs at our feeding station in every month of the year. Not something that I would have thought possible before the onset of the pandemic and the "stay at home" messages emanating from our political leadership. If there has been anything positive, as a direct consequence of lockdown, then for me it has to be a heightened awareness of the diversity of wildlife that shares my space. If staying local now becomes the new normal, then I am incredibly fortunate to live where I do. For all the negative press Thanet receives, it is still a superb place to witness the wonders of our natural world. Now for a few photos!

April 2020 and the project gets underway.

August 2020 and action is non-stop. My camera work remains a little bit
"here & there" but with so many hedgehogs coming to the feeding station even 
a clown will have the odd moment of success?

September 2020 and I'm now well into the project. 
With a number of "colour marked" animals now visiting the garden I'm starting
to have doubts about the motives of some other members of "Hedgehog Street"

October 2020 - I'm already expecting a gradual wind down in the numbers of 
individuals visiting the feeding station. Not so, activity remained at a high level, although 
it was noticeable that many of the hedgehogs were youngsters.

November 2020 - still they come. It was becoming obvious that the visitors were getting
ready for hibernation, thus making the most of the banquet on offer in our garden.
Aggression was witnessed on many occasions.

December 25th 2020 - I had been privileged to see hedgehogs on most nights during the month and
had hoped to get an image on Christmas Day. My grandchildren had gifted me this feeding bowl and 
I was overjoyed to get my photo with it being used first time out.

I had managed to photograph a hedgehog 38 minutes after the start of 2021. 
They continued to be recorded on a daily basis up until 12th Jan when the weather took a 
turn for the worse.

The image I so nearly missed? Last night's visitor to the feeding station.

It has been an absolute joy to witness these wonderful animals up close and personal. I have to state that none of this would have happened had it not been for the encouragement of Julie & Gary Pearse, who have been "Hedgehog Champions" for many years. 

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