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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Gathering momentum

 As I count down the days until retirement, my BWKm0 project is really starting to kick in. After a rather sterile period, post Storm Darcy, birds are now starting to move as Spring approaches. Two more additions to the list have been the obvious highlights, but there's plenty of other stuff to keep me entertained. 

No. 52 - Blackcap - a male at the bird bath yesterday morning

No. 53 - Siskin - a beautiful male on the feeders early this morning

Chiffchaffs are now starting to trickle through, there were three together yesterday. A pair of Chaffinches seem to be prospecting a territory a couple of gardens to the south and that male Mistle Thrush has started to sing from the flowering cherry next door. Absolutely brilliant. I've been playing around with the camera kit, pre work, and have captured a few images that are able to show the simple pleasure of garden birding?

So that's my news for today, let's see what tomorrow will bring?

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