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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Getting back in the groove

It has been nearly a month since I last hooked a carp, after initial successes on the new drain, my latter efforts were ruined by an ill-conceived (un-educated ?) baiting campaign by other anglers. No big deal and catalyst for an e-mail exchange with a non angler who has told me of some fish they've seen in another local drain. Their story rings true, although guesstimated size is always dodgy when someone has zero experience with fish in their watery domain. I had a wander down there, earlier this morning, and baited a couple of, likely looking, spots although didn't see any fish myself.
Benno and I have been in conversation about another venue where, although we know the fish are under some angling pressure, there is a very real chance of getting a "chunk". A particle mix is soaking in the slow cooker, prior to a period of gentle heat, and already two large tubs of curried chick peas are in my freezer awaiting the resumption of the campaign. I have been perusing the latest youtube offerings; gleaning a couple of rig presentations which might assist my cause as we move into the cooler months? We've agreed to give it one more month before changing tack and seeking new challenges, Ben has perch as his target whilst I have ideas for a split cane barbel project to keep me amused over the winter period and, of course, there will be a few pike sessions along the way.

A 1920's wooden centre-pin on a Tring Tench rod - bent into a hard fighting pike out on the East Kent marshes.
As is inevitable, after the death of my father, there are events happening which might conspire to put a spanner in the works but, with a bit of luck, these will have minimal impact on my plans as the season progresses? As we say at FSIS "Don't look back, look forwards" Friday morning will see the start of yet another new chapter. Bring it on!

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