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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Almost there

It has been a hectic weekend, spent with my brothers, Tim & Simon, plus Bev, Sarah and Benno, attempting to clear my father's house of a lifetimes accumulated "junk"! Not a unique situation by any stretch - I'm sure that we're all guilty of this same hoarding behaviour; don't throw it away it might come in useful? Just how many egg cups can one person need? Any how, slowly we are getting through it and will have it completed within a couple more visits, all being well. Once done, we will be able to move on, a line drawn under this particular chapter in our lives.

Juvenile Red-backed Shrike - Corfu 
As I sit in my study, looking out over the maize crop beyond the garden hedge, there are large groups of swallows milling about, awaiting roost time. It's the Autumn and that's for sure - the time of mellow fruitfulness and dew sodden dawns; a magical time of year when the spectacle of mass migration is available to anyone with a mind to look. I am fascinated by this period, although I can't honestly claim it to be my favourite, because I'm not too sure I have one? Each season has its' own draw from my perspective. There is, however, one very special event that will be taking place across the entire UK over the next few days - kids are going back to school after the summer break. Bloody great, time for Bev and I to head for the sunshine of the Eastern Mediterranean. Once again, Kefalonia beckons and we can't wait - this is a holiday we've really earned. The beauty of our timing is two fold, no (very few) kids and peak avian migration through the region - it's a scenario made in heaven for us two. As long as the sun shines, Bev is in her element, I simply require the freedom to wander and see what I can find. Happy days. This will be our tenth visit to the Eastern Med, Corfu, Halkadiki, Icmeler (Turkey) and Kefalonia have provided us with some fantastic experiences and opportunities to meet with other like-minded souls. I don't think I'd ever want to live in the area but, I cannot deny the enjoyment I derive from time spent looking at the wildlife to be discovered whilst on my rambles in this very special habitat.

Pied Flycatcher - Northdown Park, Margate
I have no plans or targets, for this latest sojourn, I just want to have a break from work and the mundane routine of everyday existence. I'm not at all unhappy with my lot, but a change is, as they say, good as a rest? No fishing gear for a fortnight, so cameras and binoculars at the ready - I am hopeful that the technology exists to be able to continue blogging whilst in these foreign climes. We'll see!

Wryneck - North Foreland
Always a bonus bird during any Autumn session in the UK - go to the Eastern Med they're a gimme!


  1. I'll be having a break myself Dyl. Unusual for me I must say. My wife is a distant relation to some Irish fellow called Tom Crean who did some Antarctic trips around 100 years ago. The upshot is we are going to the Dingle peninsular to see his birth place.
    I'll take the opportunity to do some birding. Irish west coast - October! possibilities.

    1. Richie - enjoy the break, that family history stuff is what keeps Simon going; he took the family bible away with him and it has our family tree back to 1673! Doesn't do it for me - but each to their own? Hoping all is well and stay safe - Dyl