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Saturday 13 April 2013

It doesn't make a Spring - but it certainly helps!

I saw my first Swallow of 2013 today, as I walked home from work (Saturday overtime - now that speaks volumes about the FSIS business during these tough times). It was flying over the school playing field, adjacent to the traditional nest site in the Newland's Farm barn. I realise that it was only one, but the sighting lifted my spirits and gave new hope for the coming year. There are still Redwings and Fieldfares around the area, in large numbers and Woodpigeons are still very evident on the cauliflower stubble - all signs that winter has yet to release its' grip.
Not an image taken today - just a photo to remind myself what they look like; a Swallow
A female Grey Wagtail became trapped inside our solvent dispensing hut, on Friday afternoon, attracting the attention of several members of staff before it was released. Another very scarce bird around Thanet, even in winter, our records are generally flyover migrants during the autumn and spring. With Waxwings still being recorded in the county, it looks like Kent is set to have an unusual year. When the bulk of our summer visitors do arrive, there could be some spectacular counts from around the various coastal watch-points, let's hope that the success of FSIS and the lure of that holiday spending money doesn't distract my attention! The weather looks to be improving from now on - I might yet record a Newland's Farm Wheatear before I depart for Scotland.

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