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Friday 26 April 2013

Better to be lucky, than good?

Fridays are "bin days" along Vine Close - so I was dutifully placing our recycling bin on the drive when the gulls started creating. Yesterday was glorious; this morning is anything but! Grey skies and light rain, so what could be causing the stir? Looking to the east, I could see the gulls chasing a long winged, dark bird; a harrier perhaps? Rushing back indoors I grabbed the camera - having to remove the extension tubes in the process and rapidly made my way back outside - the commotion still going on, but now further away and towards St. Lukes. I rattled off a quick series of shots - 1/500th sec, ISO 400, more in hope than expectation.

Always going further away, I'm happy enough with my results.  Certainly happier than the
accompanying Herring Gull, who seems to have the right hump!

Although they aren't great, my results allow me to confidently id the culprit as a Long-eared Owl, only the second record for my patch, so quite an event. If I hadn't been putting out the bin I would have missed it - just goes to show how luck can play a role in such things!

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