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Wednesday 24 April 2013

HT7T. - Herring Gull results

I got a reply from Paul Roper (The North Thames Gull Group) a few days back, concerning my sighting of the C-R Herring Gull I'd photographed at North Foreland. Nothing particularly earth shattering about the movements of this individual but, to me at least, it demonstrated the positive use of digital photography in the recording of these marked birds. The bird was ringed at Pitsea landfill site on 19.03.2011 - aged as a EURING Code 5 - 2nd cy. My sighting is the third report since that date, the other two both from the same site in France, a landfill tip just south of St Omer. What I find most interesting is that each of these sightings has an accompanying photograph - the ring details clearly visible.

The NTGG Map that accompanies all reported sightings of their colour ringed birds.
Visit their website to see just how much work is involved in running such a project - this is one of the very best.

Blaringhem, Nord, FRANCE - 29.11.2012

Blaringhem, Nord, FRANCE - 06.02.2013


My photo from 15.04.2013 - just look at the change in plumage and bill colour since February.


Nothing much else to report - Tuesday night produced a catch of 13 moths - 7 Hebrew Character, 3 Early Grey, 2 Common Quaker and 1 Clouded Drab. Conditions look very much better tonight - so let's see what the morning brings?

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