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Wednesday 6 March 2024

The first Buzzards

Today's been a right "pick & mix" of events. I started off down on Black Dyke where, armed with a couple of split canes, I was on the hunt for a Tench. Crazy as it might seem, the recent sessions have provided me with ample evidence that there are some very sizable fish in this venue. This morning's effort wasn't able to confirm my suspicions, yet I didn't a blank as I managed to catch a very small "wild" Carp of a couple of pounds, or so. Packed up and on my way home, just after 10.00 hrs, Bev and I had a meeting with the cancer nurse booked for 14.00 hrs over at QEQM Hospital, Margate. With the sun beaming down from a lightly clouded sky, the local gulls were very agitated as the first signs of Common Buzzard movement began. I counted seven in little more than ninety minutes, four singles and a group of three, 

Quite high but, straight over the bungalow,
I clicked away merrily

I even managed to add a Raven to my 2024 garden list when one came through, heading south, before deciding it would be a good idea to irritate a Buzzard. Only when the two species are together can you appreciate just how big a Raven really is?

Our hospital appointment was a very good experience as we were given more details about the sequence of events which will take place over the coming months. Everything we heard was positive about a successful conclusion to the treatment, yet honest enough to include the possible side effects that some of the drugs/treatment might cause. I might only get one more Pike session in before the season closes but, under the current circumstances, it really doesn't matter a jot!

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