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Friday 29 March 2024

Looking ahead to retain focus

Under no circumstances do I have any desire to wish my life away yet, with the current situation, find myself making angling plans for April and beyond. I have absolutely no problem with getting the Easter break out of the way before returning to the waterside. My C&DAA membership is due for renewal at the end of the month and, having chatted with Benno, will get it sorted. It was at the March PAC gathering that Tom Lane, a proper good guy, asked if, after Pike season had ended," would I be Carp fishing again?"  A perfectly valid question from an angler who, despite his tender years, is far more accomplished in their pursuit than I. My negative response needed quickly amending, as there is no way I could possibly go through a, river, close season without casting a bait in their direction. So yes, I will do some Carp fishing, probably focussing on Victory Lake, at Sandwich Coarse Fishery, but my real hope is, after June 16th has dawned, to have a serious attempt for those Tench which I spotted in Black Dyke. A couple of other distractions might be provided by Perch and Eels, although no serious thought has been entered into as yet. Obviously, how Bev's medical situation develops will have a massive impact upon anything I am planning, thus the requirement to remain flexible will be fundamental over the next few months.

So at present, I am only thinking about what might be possible before June 16th and Carp will definitely be the species which will provide the challenge. Ten weeks, or thereabouts, should allow me plenty of opportunities to get to the bankside whenever the conditions are suitable. Day ticket Carp fisheries aren't my favourite venues yet, somehow, Sandwich Coarse Fishery suits my short session approach and has the stock which provides the realistic chance of a "thirty". Added to this is the relatively short distance from our front door ensures my ability to get back home, should Bev need me, within twenty minutes! 

My first "twenty" from Sandwich Coarse Fishery

I do have a "Plan B", in the locker, which can only come into play once we understand what direction the medical situation will take?  I haven't caught a Carp from the RMC since 2015 yet am well aware that small gang, of very talented guys, are catching some stunning fish from the canal. Not too sure that I will be able to give the venue proper attention, due to the distance involved and the resultant inability to conduct a pre-baiting program, yet it is a place which offers the "unknown" potential that I find so intriguing.

My best, split cane caught, Carp from the RMC (23 lbs 5 oz) 

Is ten weeks enough time for me to add another five "twenties" to my tally? I am currently re-reading Kevin Maddock's, 1981, "Carp Fever". Kevin and I never did see eye to eye, as he was a tunnel visioned technician, whilst enjoyment of the angling experience was far more important to me. We never Carp fished together, it was the advent of the Catfish Conservation Group which lead to our paths crossing. In my defence, I was young, vocal and very head strong. Kevin was up there to be shot at? Anyway, the target setting mentality used by Kevin, during those times, certainly now resonates with my angling journey in 2024. I'm now reading Carp Fever with a very different perspective on what Kevin had written all those years ago.


  1. Dyl, I was reading Carp and the Carp Angler by George Sharman around the same time. Published 1980. The publication had a foreword by Dick Walker who suggested that the information contained within could stand for another twenty five years. Such was the divide between northern and southern Carp fishing at the time, that 'Carp Fever', published the following year, over-shadowed such sentiments on the spot.

    1. Ric, in my opinion (for what it's worth?) the publication of "Carp Fever" signalled the end for UK specimen hunting, as we knew it during our time around the Tring complex. That this single, non-native, species is now the focus of a multi-million pound industry speaks volumes about the state of our fisheries in 2024. I have recently watched a Korda podcast, No. 100, in which Danny Fairbrass & co discuss the evolution of Carp angling over the past forty years. Because I lived through it, the old days were so much better, yet to those getting involved today will know no different and putting back a "mid-thirty", unweighed, is the norm because that's what the celebrity anglers on YouTube do!
      As always, cheers for the comment. Send my best wishes to Bron and hope you both enjoy a Happy Easter - Dyl