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Sunday 3 March 2024

Coffee & Cake

 If ever Bev and I are at a loose end, then a drive around East Kent is a very nice way to waste away a few hours. Coffee and cake being the prefered option at the majority of destinations we head for. It doesn't matter if it's Copper's at the Preston Garden Centre, Poppies at Petham, the wonderful Fifth Trust Cafe at the Elham Valley Garden Centre, we enjoy them all. However, there is one place that is very dear to our hearts, where the view from the cafe is absolutely outstanding, and that is the "Battle of Britain Memorial Site" at Capel le Ferne, just outside Folkestone. This place is a superb tribute to those folk who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the UK remained free during those horrific times. There are many exhibits, both inside and out, where it is possible to spend a quiet minute just thinking about the horrors that these individuals must have witnessed and experienced during this savage period of our history. The Winston Churchill quote "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" is inscribed upon the wall as you drive into the site and resonates within as I wander around the site. It is a very special place and highly recommended if ever you're in the area.

You might have already worked out that we were there today, hence my reference, but that was just part of why I wanted to get down to this part of the county. Coffee and cake consumed, I had a wander around the area in order to grab a few images, whilst Bev remained in the cafe for coffee number two! It was an hour, or so, later that we were back in the van headed off towards the RMC. I wanted to see if there was any chance of casting a baited rig before the end of Pike season. The flooded fields, out across Romney Marsh, as viewed from the road leading down into West Hythe, told me all I needed to know. The reality being confirmed when we pulled up at Gigger's Green to survey the filthy water flowing under the bridge. I won't be back until next winter, I guess. 

With just ten more days of the current Pike season remaining, it would seem that Black Dyke is going to be where I am to conclude the efforts. One more "double" would be nice, something bigger would see this Pike season elevated to "very special status". I'm back out tomorrow, with a couple of ideas up my sleeve. Only time will tell if my thought processes are on the right track? The van and Bev's car are booked in for their MOT's on Tuesday, we have a hospital visit on Wednesday, time is rapidly passing and I will just have to fit in my Pike fishing whenever possible. 

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