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Sunday 17 March 2024

A surreal weekend

 With Bev's operation being imminent, I decided that we needed to get away for the weekend in order to avoid the situation of dwelling upon the impending medical procedures. A couple of phone calls, on Friday, ensured that we were able to do just that. First I spoke with my youngest brother, Sye, who along with his wife, Yve, were more than happy for us to visit them for the weekend. The second call was little more of a gamble. I rang Simon Walker, Dick's son, to see if we could meet up and take a look at the tribute display for his dad in the North Herts Museum, Hitchin. Unbelievably, this also resulted in arrangements being made which ensured it became a very special experience for us all. So Bev and I headed off, via the M2/M25, to Aston Clinton where Sye & Yve reside. This was our base for the weekend, although we didn't spent much time within the walls of their lovely home. We arrived just after 11.00 hrs, on Saturday, and between the usual banter, I managed to spend some time out in their garden grabbing a few shots of the local Red Kites. In Aston Clinton these majestic raptors are the equivalent to Rose-ringed Parakeets on Thanet; they're bloody everywhere! Light levels and generally gloomy conditions did nothing to assist my cause, yet I'm happy enough with what I managed to achieve. 

We get Parakeets - Sye & Yve have to poke up with Red Kites

The plan for the afternoon was for Bev & Yve to drive across to the garden centre in Tring for a coffee, cake and general perusing, whilst Sye & I headed to Hitchin where we were to rendezvous with Simon for a museum visit.  It was a good plan. The girls had a great time and were able to chat about stuff which I find quite difficult. Sye and me were to experience one of the most memorable afternoons of our lives? We drove to Simon's house, in Hitchin, where we were able to get parked without any issues, before being chauffeured to (and from) the museum by his lovely wife, Janet. I have to admit, here and now, that I've just had to get in contact with them again because I couldn't actually remember her name - much to my shame! Anyhow, we spent a very pleasant time in the museum, first viewing the tribute to Dick Walker which is absolutely bang on. A Hitchin lad and a local hero, although his influence obviously goes far beyond this parochial perspective. Sye and I were impressed by the display put on by the museum, and yet got just as much pleasure when, after looking at the posters and artifacts, we were able to sit down with Simon and just chat about what his father meant to him and us, over a coffee in the museum cafe area. 

The Heron Bite Alarm which set this whole series of events in motion - crazy!

Then, this morning, despite the drizzle Sye and I had a quick drive across to Wilstone Res. for a wander and a reminisce. It was all rather weird, not too much has changed, from a physical point. A bit of "health & safety" adjustments to the steps meant that they now have railings, but that was about it. We chatted about odd moments, as we passed various points along the concrete banks, yet both agreed that it could never be the same place, for us, to fish again because the characters of yesteryear are no longer part of the scene. Great memories of a stunning venue, yet the magic has faded with the passing of time.

The Wilstone Pier 17th March 2024 - it can never be the same without Alan Wilson's bivvy 
pitched on the end?

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