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Thursday 10 March 2022

The end is nigh

Given the insanity of the Ukraine situation my post title could easily be misconstrued by casual visitors to the blog. It isn't, however, a saddo's attempt to boost my "blogger stats" but, instead, the realisation that just one more RMC visit will be undertaken before this Pike campaign comes to an end, on Monday 14th March. My three visits, this week, have resulted in just two fish being landed. Neither was of note, apart from the fact that they ensured I'd not blanked. Indeed, had I weighed them together, a "double" wouldn't have been the outcome. It would seem that the enforced break, whilst the van was getting fixed, has meant that I've not been able to keep my finger on the pulse, so to speak?

I met up with both Chrissy and Kevin, this morning, and was a little concerned about their reaction to my recent post. Thankfully, Kevin was very complimentary whilst Chrissy admitted that she'd not seen it. However, that all changed after she'd completed her daily "steps" walk and had viewed it on her phone before she returned to my swim. "It made me cry" is the quote from the daft mare! We exchanged banter for a while before she had to get home because of a work meeting that needed attending. We've still got next Monday morning to get through - it won't be easy, of that I'm certain but, don't panic. We've hatched a cunning plan that will mean Chrissy & Rob - me & Bev "bump" into each other, purely by accident, in the not too distant future. You know how it is? Some pubs let in all types of dog-walking, council house, riff-raff and long-haired Pike fishers, so what'd you expect? Fortunately, Chrissy & I know just the place!

My magazine article is slowly taking shape and I would like to give Martin, the editor, plenty of material to work with; both written and photographic. With this in mind, I was playing around with the kit, early this morning, attempting to capture a mood image? Not too sure if it works, but I'm happy with the result? Still not made any plans for what's to be my next "campaign" target so will use the remaining six weeks on the syndicate to formulate some ideas? 

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