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Wednesday 16 March 2022

Out with a whimper

Two days since the end of the 2021/22 Pike season and, by my obvious lack of posts, you will have already guessed that March wasn't particularly successful. Four trips were all that I managed, due to the issues with my van, with three very small fish the reward for my efforts. Under no circumstances can I allow this pathetic result detract, in any way, from the hugely enjoyable and rewarding campaign that preceded this damp squib of a finale. 

Target No.1 - three "twenties" - five landed

Target No.2 - twenty "doubles" - twenty-one landed

Target No.3 - one hundred Pike - forty-seven landed

With all the other, non-angling, aspects which impacted in such a positive manner during my time on the banks of this historic waterway, it has to be the best single species/venue project I've ever undertaken. Never say "never" but I feel it very unlikely that I'll ever embark upon such a, prolonged, campaign again?

I am in the process of writing a summary post of my experiences and hopeful to have it completed by the weekend? Quite a lot of other stuff happening in my little world, totally unimportant when compared with the situation on a global scale, but still allows me to smile and realise just how fortunate I am. On Tuesday I received a copy of "Catch Cult" magazine, No. 27, in which appears an article I wrote about my time out on the East Kent flatlands. All I can say is "wow" - such is the incredibly high standard of production involved. I'm flattered to appear within the pages of such a publication, so a massive shout out to Martin Mumby for making it possible - cheers!!

All the while, in the background of my regular blogging, the 125w MV moth trap has been operated in our back garden. The run of cold easterlies being as conducive to trapping moths as it was for catching Pike, but persistence has produced a few decent results. Sixteen species being recorded, thus far in 2022, five micros and eleven macros. Not too sure who's responsible for the "English" names of these insects but am convinced that if "trade description" rules applied someone would be in the mire!?

Hebrew Character - yes, I can see where they're coming from.

Oak Beauty - absolutely spot on. I've trapped five of these magnificent moths so far in March

Beautiful Plume - really?

Clouded Drab - have a word! It's a spectacular moth, about as far from being "drab" as a
Smart car is from being smart (aesthetically that is)

After I'd pressed publish, on the previous blog entry, a Hedgehog arrived at the feeding station, thus my first sighting of the year. I saw it again yesterday and am now getting the kit readied to record a few images of this very welcome garden visitor. The Foxes are also well into the swing of things and, if all goes well, one will be feeding out of my hand before too long? This vixen already comes within a few feet of the study doorway to snaffle the Hedgehog food, so a work in progress I feel. 


  1. Congratulations on a fantastic pike campaign - really enjoyed reading about it all winter. Going to try and beat it next season?

    1. Cheers Brian,
      It really was a fulfilling campaign, on a very personal level. Whatever you attempt, next year, do it to satisfy yourself, not "beat" something I've managed. If it's competition you desire, then take up match fishing! I'm sure that's not what you meant with your comment. Take care & tight lines - Dylan

    2. I meant are you going to try and better it next season yourself. Not me - we all set our own challenges.

    3. Sorry Brian, now I've read as you meant it! As much as I enjoyed the whole experience, on so many levels, commitment to a single species from a single venue over such an extended period isn't where I see my angling future. There are so many other avenues of discovery open to me around the East Kent area that whilst my health remains in decent nick I feel it would be a mistake to ignore the opportunities. Hopefully I'll be able to do a little spade work to assist James with his Kentish Stour Barbel quest? Thanks for clearing up my silly mistake - Dylan

  2. Well done Dylan, I think that’s a brilliant return. Will look forward to the summary and the catch cult article !

    1. Cheers Darren, I'm very happy with my season's effort and the realisation of two, out of three, of my pre-campaign targets. I'm sure that there are many guys, out there, who regularly exceed my totals but certainly won't be chasing wild pike in a canal? It is my best Pike season, ever, and I started in 1970, so something to be cherished!
      The summary post shouldn't be too far away, the Catch Cult article will probably appear in an edition later in the year, or even early in the next one? It's Martin's decision, not mine, and that supposes my written account is worthy of space in such a prestigious magazine?
      Thanks for taking time to comment - tight lines - Dylan