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Wednesday 23 March 2022

Charlie in the garden

 Apparently in the mid/late 1700's there was a politician, Charles Fox, who's cunning wit was such that subsequently the UK mammal got the "nickname" Charlie. I've got to admit that I grew up knowing these fabulous creatures as "Charlies" and had never given it another thought until I had to explain it to Emily, my grand-daughter. She was in my study, on Saturday evening, watching a fox picking up the freebies on offer and I said, "come on Charlie" as it got closer to the back door. To be able to watch these animals at such close quarters is an absolute joy. I love the fact that I can play around with the camera kit, knowing if I screw it up there will be another chance not too far away. The orange reflection of a Fox's eyes is key to the "lamping technique" used in predator control surrounding livestock protection. In a suburban back garden, there is no need to control these wonderful, nocturnal, visitors.

OOOH - That's scary - NOT!!

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