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Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Bloody dog walkers!

When I embarked upon my Royal Military Canal Pike campaign, way back in October, I had no expectations beyond the, arbitrary, targets that were in place to assist me to remain focussed. Since the start, doing three (Monday-Friday) sessions each week, it has resulted in me becoming an established member of the regular gang who also use this section of the canal for their own purposes. It's been an absolute privilege to meet, and engage in conversation with, such an incredibly diverse mix of characters who, in any other situation, wouldn't have given me a second glance?

Mouse - one attitude ridden Jack Russell

Mac - a bundle of energetic youth.

I have a feeling that the "pandemic" has impacted upon us, as a country, and ordinary folk seem far less inhibited having come through the lockdown ordeals and all that it entailed (for those of us who obeyed the rules!) With just two more Pike session remaining before the curtain falls on this, my most successful and enjoyable, single species/venue adventure I feel that I must say "thank-you", publicly, to two very special people. They probably won't thank me, they didn't know that I'd used the long lens to get these photos, but who gives a "f*ck"?

Kevin & Mac

Chrissy & Mouse

Chrissy and Kevin have been just as important in my campaign as any Pike that I've been lucky enough to capture. Their contribution to my enjoyment of the project is beyond measure, as it isn't something I've experienced previously. Mac and Mouse might have been the reason these two individuals were sharing the same space, beside the RMC, but the genuine friendships we've established are strong enough to remain long after the Pike caper has ended! What's even more crazy is I don't, particularly, like dogs! There are a whole bunch of other folk who've impacted, in a very positive way, during the campaign, but these two are head and shoulders above everyone else - Thank-you!


  1. That's brilliant Dylan and how it should be in the countryside. Far too often the two groups find it easier to automatically dislike what the other is doing and fail to communicate with each other.

    1. I wasn't too sure about making this post but, as it's my blog, can do what I like, I guess? These two people have been such an integral part of the whole Pike fishing adventure along this stretch of the canal that I'm unable to begin to calculate what impact they've had on my overall enjoyment of the time spent on the bank. Obviously, as can be seen in my post, they have been in regular contact throughout the past five - odd months yet there are also many other, less regular contacts, be they joggers, cyclists, ramblers or dog walkers who have also made a very positive contribution to my angling experience. I think that because of the effort involved, it involves a walk of well over a mile to the area which I am targeting, everyone out there is serious about what they do, therefore share a common passion for the wide open vista and associated wild life? I do know that I've never experienced anything like it, when out fishing, previously! Hoping all is well at your end? - Dylan