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Thursday 3 March 2022

On the road again! (apologies to Canned Heat)

There I was bemoaning the situation with my NV200 van and how I was being robbed blind by Dumpton Park Nissan. Well, I need to say sorry, it isn't robbery. The garage has not changed it's pricing policy but, I cannot say anything negative about the customer service side of their operation. Even as the guys, in Broadstairs Vehicle Centre, were replacing my front suspension arms, a phone call from Dumpton Park Nissan announced that the spare part had been delivered and asked when could I get the van there? I quickly arranged a slot for 15.00 hrs today and before 16.15 hrs they'd fixed the problem. It seems, therefore, that by 09.00 hrs, tomorrow morning, after Broadstairs Vehicle Centre have signed off the MOT, I'll get the road fund licence paid and, once again, be legal to drive back down to the hallo'ed banks of the RMC. (On the road again - Canned Heat)

Let's get this right, I (& Bev) could have spent a fortnight on Kefalonia for less than this MOT saga has cost, but as it ensures another year's angling freedom, well worth paying in my opinion. The run up to 14th March should allow me the opportunity to get in four more sessions, minimum, before the curtain falls on this particular challenge. Is one more "double" too much to ask before I draw a line under the most extended, single species, angling adventure it's been my privilege to undertake?

I exchanged some emails with Martin Mumby (Catch Cult Magazine) resulting in a very positive response to my queries about the article I'm preparing. Is it okay to include peripheral aspects of my RMC experiences? "Go with you gut feeling" being Martin's basic reply. Buoyed by this reaction I certainly plan to do just that and, as if to back it up, then clicked the "comments" box on my blogger dashboard to discover a message from Chrissy & Mouse. If ever one was needed, this provided a perfect demonstration of "there's so much more to my angling than simply targeting "big" fish!"

I've still not made any plans for what my next project will be but, with eight weeks remaining on my syndicate ticket, I might just see if I can spend a little time down there before I move on. It's a superb venue, with a nice bunch of members yet, somehow, I just don't fit in with the "carp only" mentality. Time for pastures new I feel. Canterbury & District AA seems to be my best bet, but there are other clubs/associations available should I wish to explore alternative options?

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