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Friday 11 March 2022

I don't believe what's just happened!

You make your own luck, or so the saying goes? Well, I've just got back from a walk up to our local convenience store and, as I opened the back gate, was aware that the local Herring Gulls were a bit agitated by something in a neighbour's Cypress trees. WTF? There, just six gardens to the south, was a Little Egret perched up, avoiding the dive bombing gulls. Camera swiftly dragged from my study, I rattled off a series of record images. Happy that, despite ISO 1600 being required, I'd got something to ensure the record was secured, I jumped, no I didn't I clambered, over the fence into the field which allowed me to get closer to this garden "tick". Indeed, it is only my second patch record of this species. 

I managed to get much closer, securing some better images, before leaving the Egret in peace and returning to the garden. What a bird to add to the garden list and certainly well off the radar in terms of expectation. Life is good and it's moments like this which demonstrate that you never know what's around the next corner?

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