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Friday 7 January 2022

When lists are useful

A full week into 2022 and my bird list has risen to a very respectable tally of seventy-five species. Whilst I readily accept that it can't, under any circumstances, be described as "local", what it does provide is an insight into the gaping holes in my species list which, with focussed effort, can easily be rectified without having to fire up the Nissan NV200. So far I've not set foot on Newlands farmland, nor walked the coastal fringe from Dumpton Gap to Ramsgate Harbour and there are so many other local sites which require exploration due to their past histories. 

A Chiffchaff, associating with a mixed tit flock, in Ramsgate Cemetery

Glaring omissions include all bunting species, Skylark, Stonechat, Linnet, Coot and Tufted Duck! Whilst the final two are Thanet rarities, but "gimmes" out on the flatlands, the others are likely to be encountered if I put in the effort to visit suitable local habitat. I know that the "year list" is my priority, yet should easily be able to maintain a "local" version purely because of the technology available on my laptop. I remain fully committed to my angling projects and will continue to undertake, at least, three sessions a week in pursuit of my various challenges. That said, there are obviously four days a week when fishing doesn't feature and I will be able to spend an unspecified amount of time birding the local areas. 

A pleasing image of Black-tailed Godwits flighting into
the Garage Pool at Pegwell Bay NNR

I reckon that my January total should be in the region of one hundred species. At the end of the month I will set about formalising the "local" boundaries and possibly set myself a realistic figure! Not because it is important but, more to do with my own requirement for targets in order to help me maintain enthusiasm. 

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