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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Snaggy reward

It's always nice when a plan comes together and the result, you'd hoped for, becomes reality. And so it has proven with my decision to target that snaggy section of the RMC. Only two sessions, thus far this week, but I've already seen my unhooking mat graced by yet another "double". The real icing on the cake will be if I manage to get any action during my afternoon, into dark, session tomorrow?

13 lbs 4 oz - yet another "double" closer to my target

I've been playing around with my bankside display, not that I'm likely to encounter any other Pike anglers whilst at the RMC. I'm doing it "because I can" I suppose. I've already mentioned that I swapped my rods and reels. It has now gone a step further with my decision to incorporate the £1.66 (Three for a fiver) Dragoncarp "Ultimate Redmire" bite alarms and my brother, Sye's, home made "Back-biters". What needs remembering is that my terminal tackle, bait choices and presentations haven't altered one iota and that's the only bit that the Pike will encounter, until it's too late. The kit on the bank and what it looks like, however, is for the angler, not fish, to worry about. When I end this current project, be it a success or not, I have every intention of posting a "how I do it - warts an' all" Pike fishing the RMC piece. I've been capturing odd images of the tackle, scenery, plus other bits and bobs, with just such a post in mind.

Because of my anal obsession with recording "doubles" (whatever species) I know that this current Pike campaign is, already, the most successful I've ever undertaken. With, at least, another nineteen sessions planned before the curtain falls, a new benchmark has been set should ever I find myself seeking a return match? I cannot deny my love of Pike angling, although another campaign on the RMC might be unlikely but, "never say never!" Wherever my angling adventure takes me the RMC ain't going anywhere so will always be there should I need to scratch an itch!


  1. Astonishing value are bite alarms of today Dyl. I'm still using my thirty or are they? forty year old Optonics which cost a relative shed load back in the day.
    Good luck with the pike campaign. Hopefully, after dark will prove to be a 'situation'.

    1. Ric, I purchased those "Redmire" alarms in the closing down sale of the Ramsgate branch of Dragoncarp mid-2013. I think they originally retailed around £8/each? Still incredibly cheap by comparison to the "branded" versions. My Nash Siren R3's cost over £100 per head and that again for the receiver unit yet they do exactly the same job, when used for Pike fishing, as the cheap alarm.
      I think Sye still has his Delkim converted Optonics, from back in the day. My own Les Bamford conversions got lost during my divorce, some twenty-odd years back. How I would love to still be using them. What I do still own is an original Steve Neville alarm from 1993 and a Heron bite alarm that would have pre-dated the Optonics by over a decade. Really looking forward to getting down the RMC for an afternoon/evening session, it certainly feels like there is scope for discovery? Cheers for the comment, as always, take care - Dyl