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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Short stroll

Although Ramsgate Cemetery is just 600m away from our bungalow, as the Crow flies, I have to walk about three quarters of mile to reach the main entrance on Cecilia Road. I used to frequent the site regularly during the early 2000's and have been fortunate to discover some superb birds within its' boundaries. However, with the resurgence of angling, it has been a good ten, or more, years since I ventured into this oasis of calm within the Ramsgate hustle & bustle. My decision to incorporate birding into my weekly routine for 2022, means that the site will, once again, see me visit on a regular basis. Today was purely an exploratory trip lasting less than an hour. Much has changed, particularly habitat management, with large areas of bramble and ivy scrub cleared in order to make the site more presentable. It isn't a sterile wasteland, however, and the array of mature trees include many Oak, Beech, Holme Oak and Yew plus a central avenue of large conifers - species unknown to me. I did little more than have a quick scout around, adding another two birds to the year list as reward for the effort. The weather wasn't up to much but I carried my camera anyway. 

It would seem that I'm starting to formulate a plan for my local birding and am quite looking forward to seeing where it leads?

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