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Thursday, 9 December 2021

Some good news

 Family issues and personal life have little, or no, place within my blogging. Obvious exceptions might crop up from time to time, purely because they're humorous but that's as far as it goes. Over the past three/four months, Bev's daughter (thus my step-daughter) has been through an horrific sequence of medical problems. Starting with a mis-carriage which, in turn, led to the discovery of a malignant growth. As soon as the "C" word gets mentioned everyone fears the worse, purely because of the unknown. Thus, I am delighted to say that the medical procedure, undertaken today, by the magnificent staff at QEQM Hospital, Margate, has been 100% successful and we, as a family, can look forward to an enjoyable festive period without the cloud of doom which has been such a feature of our recent lives. 

My only river "twenty"  8th January 1987
Mapledurham, River Thames.

So I was sixty-six on the 4th, thus state pension has kicked in. Debbie's got the all clear and the Kefalonia gang assemble on Saturday. Yes, I think we're looking forward to much brighter times. I might even catch another Pike, although I don't want to push my luck too far! I've had two, short, sessions down on The Stour this week. Not a touch! It is a magnificent, characterful, moody, stretch that I'm focussing on with a history of decent Pike being caught from time to time. Tidal influences play a huge role in how the river is flowing and where the fish are likely to be found. I'm right back at the start of a new learning experience. Bait presentation and rig mechanics need to be revised, purely because of moving water entering the equation. I haven't done any serious river pike fishing since the mid/late '80's when I'd visit the Thames, at Mapledurham, or The Royalty Fishery, Hampshire Avon. With that as a background I certainly have an awful lot of catching up to do if I'm to succeed on The Kentish Stour. I have a feeling that Rickards & Webb "Fishing for Big Pike" might just get dusted down and given another perusal? No better way to learn than starting at the beginning?


  1. Give my regards to Debbie and the rest of your family after such a testing time.

    1. Thanks Ric. On a scale of one to ten, our family has been very lucky. Doesn't change the anguish of feeling completely helpless when medical issues are way beyond your comprehension. Obviously, Bev was really on edge, thus I was supposed to be the "rock" which supported her. Sadly, I'm only a bloke and wasn't always able to live up to expectations. I'll happily pass on your regards - take care - Dyl

  2. Always nice to share the personal. We are not prying, just think is good to share sometimes. I used to be "ostritch" and bury my head in problems, now I share and feel better for it. Hope all is well Dylan.

    1. Everyone who needed to know about Debbie's problems, at that time, were kept updated. A family issue which had no place in my blogging. Now we've a positive outcome, I'm only too glad to share this with visitors to the blog. Basically it is Debbie's story to tell and my role was to stay strong and be there whenever needed. Thanks for the comment, as always, take care - Dylan