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Monday 6 December 2021

Change of scenery or a break?

The section of the RMC I have been targeting is proving to be a very fickle challenge. It is perfectly obvious that, when conditions are favourable, some very nice Pike live in the stretch as my early sessions proved. However, over the past three weeks, the variable weather patterns have contrived to ensure water clarity and flow rates are never the same two days running. As such, I've been unable to discover a feeding pattern? Bloody fool - I've been unable to find a feeding Pike! Yes, of course I've been lucky on a couple of occasions, but that's exactly what it was. Luck playing a far greater role than any skill on my part. 

The pre-dawn sky, looking East across Romney Marsh this morning.

I endured yet another blank session this morning, not a single bleep from the alarms, so even the Eels weren't feeding in the heavily coloured water conditions.  As it's a seventy mile round trip, thus two hours driving via the country lanes due to no more direct routes being available, the fuel costs are not without consideration. Storm Arwen is now to be followed by Storm Barra and the canal will get another top up with escarpment run off as a direct result. As much as I absolutely adore the wilderness and associated freedom, I still like catching fish. I've been scratching my head, whilst wary of splinters, attempting to put a plan B in place. I do have the option to return to the drains of the East Kent Marshes yet, am rather drawn to conundrum posed by The Kentish Stour. Due to my farming connections, I have access to some fairly remote spots, so it has to be worth a bash whilst I await the RMC to settle down, doesn't it? 

Sun rise today - it's bloody quarter to eight!

I've made no plans, nor any phone calls to secure permission, thus far, yet feel that my December split cane project will be derailed, somewhat, if the weather remains as erratic as it is at present. Because it is so much closer, the river might just provide the distraction required, as I await the weather patterns to return to some type of seasonal normal before going back to the banks of the RMC. I've only ever taken one "double" from the river, so there's plenty of scope for me to improve upon that statistic!

13 lbs 8 oz - my only Stour "double" - I've caught heavier Barbel!

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