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Thursday 31 December 2020

Looking beyond January 1st

 For Bev and I 2020 is a year we'll be happy to put behind us. Grateful to have come through the trials and tribulations, strengthened as a couple, in decent nick both physically and mentally. I'm now fairly sure that 2021 will be my final year of work, yet haven't made a commitment thus far. Going to work because I want to, as opposed to "have to" is a very nice situation to be in, Quite obviously money is a factor but we'd be comfortable, although certainly not rich, if I packed it in tomorrow? No, for me, money doesn't come into the equation. What I enjoy is the discipline of regular shift patterns and the undeniable fun derived from factory floor banter and camaraderie. Working for a decent employer counts for a lot; having a departmental management team who actually know about dealing with people, rather than spreadsheet data, is a massive influence in my continuing to attend the workplace. Should the day dawn and I've had enough? I'll walk away - simple as that.

A new dawn?

So as the new year draws ever closer what am I hoping for? Firstly, along with the vast majority of sane individuals, the roll out of a Covid-19 vaccine would be a nice starting point. Getting the population back to some form of normality has to be the overriding desire for everyone in the UK (& beyond) I guess? From a far more selfish point of view, there's some more pike to catch. I'd already stated that I'd targeted a wild twenty and twenty doubles for the 20/21 season. With ten weeks of this challenge still remaining and only nine more doubles required I had a scan back through my old diaries and discovered that in my best season (1986/7) I managed three twenties which has set me thinking. Could it just be possible to do it again? I have the venue and the time, it all depends upon the weather, water conditions and the pike gods smiling? 

The garden hedgehog caper is an open book as I continue to be amazed at the activity levels which are way beyond anything I thought possible. That hedgehogs are active in December is a concept that I'd never considered, as all the literature suggests that they hibernate. Hedgehogs have been seen every night this month and I am confident that I'll secure a photo of one, at the feeding station, on January 1st. I find it as exciting as was my winter eel challenge, just doing something that very few have ever done before?

What else? Well there's a perch hunt in the offing with Benno and Luke keen to join in the project. As yet we have a few sketchy ideas for venues and tactics but, I want a three pounder and it won't be on a bloody artificial, a ned-rig or drop-shot set-up! Away from fishing, and wildlife in general, there's Kefalonia calling. Unable to say too much, purely because of the uncertainty caused by the Covid situation, we've some ideas being banded about, within the regular gang, which might lead to an adventure unlike anything I've ever experienced.

I'd like to finish by saying a huge thank-you to everyone who's visited my blog over this past year. Despite the obvious downside of the pandemic restrictions upon our personal freedoms, I have managed to achieve a level of output, and enthusiasm, which has been missing for a few years. I am humbled by your support and input.

  Stay safe, take care and have a great 2021 - Dylan

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