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Saturday, 19 December 2020

You can wish, but don't make plans!

 Well, now it's official, Christmas is cancelled - cheers Bozo. This useless piece of humanity quoting science which, if he'd heeded such learn'ed advice earlier, would have ensured that the UK wouldn't now be in such turmoil. Why does attending Eton equate to intelligence and not the simple reality of affluence overriding all other concerns? In this context Boris is a wonderful advert for avoiding such institutions, however prestigious. Thick as pig shit, despite the exorbitant fees paid for his eduction, Wednesday's PMQ's demonstrating just how pathetic this, mop-topped, fraud really is. One, very simple, question from Sir Kier Starmer and he was a blithering idiot, completely flustered and incoherent with his reaction, not even the slightest hint of an answer. Doctors, Nurses. Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Ambulance Crews, School Teachers, et al, all subjected to pay freezes whilst that "rule breaking" half-wit, Dominic Cummings, gets a £40k p/a rise - how are we supposed to take anything seriously? We're in the most unprecedented situation since the outbreak of WWII and, as such, only the very elderly, therefore the most vulnerable, will be able to recollect such adversity, albeit on a very different stage. 

I'd been planning to restart the pike campaign on Boxing Day but am now unsure as to the legality of such folly. Of course I can drive my kit to whichever venue I should choose, but will I be criminalised for my actions? Can't go fishing - how sad is that within the bigger picture? At least I have my health and there cannot be any more pressing concerns during this current situation. The vaccine roll out offers a glimmer of hope on the distant horizon but, in the mean time, we'll just have to play it by ear and go with the flow. Normality, in whatever guise it manifests itself, certainly won't be as we remember it; of that I'm certain.  So whatever hopes and dreams, I have, must sit on the back burner until our political elite deem it safe for us to resume a level of personal freedom that they see fit. Some how I don't see pike fishing and/or birdwatching being particularly high up on their list of priorities. Whinge over - let's see what tomorrow brings?


  1. Borris is the Grinch that stole xmas! hope you are all well x

    1. Well actually, all he did was react to a situation and not do so in a perfect definitive way which resulted in a perfect instant solution.
      The alternative is simple. Do nothing at all completely.
      Absolutely nothing at all beyond keeping a hold of the movement of our armed forces.
      Work and move about as you like. Socialise as you like and to hell with the consequences.
      That is what the people appear to want, all of the time. So why not let them have it?
      Let them have it.
      Let them take all personal responsibility for every single aspect of their lives, and then there will be no complaints. Only there will be.
      Problem is, the public are contrary to a degree that is impossible for any politician to deal with.
      The public are living in the world where one political party touts self determination and the other government control of the people.
      The public loves this. They can have it both ways.
      They can legitimately say, 'Leave us alone. Let us do what we want. We don't want advice or anyone telling us what to do, ever'.
      So they are allowed to.
      Until they make an utter mess of themselves, then...
      The public changes tack and starts saying, 'It's not my fault. The government should have stopped me. It's weak leadership. They don't have a clue'.
      And on it goes.
      Meanwhile, those of us with any sense will put themselves in a position where exposure to the fall out of both these doctrines is as limited as possible.
      Alas, most people are totally dependant on a system that hasn't allowed for a Virus that can kill us.
      That's where the problem is.
      The system and the Virus do not function together in any way positive.

    2. Hi Ric,
      I can't say I follow all the logic used in this lengthy comment. However, I'm very grateful for your input as alternative opinions are always healthy for any reasonable discussion. Certainly no issues with allowing the comment to appear despite my inability to agree with you on some of the points raised. Hoping you and Bronwyn are keeping well? Stay safe - Dyl

  2. Dyl, thank you for allowing my comment. My stance is hopefully from a neutral position. What do they call it? Devils Advocate?
    Best wishes to you and family -Ric