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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Trying times

I'm incredibly fortunate to have a job which I really enjoy and the associated benefits that shift work entails. Compared to Bev's 24/7 commitment to her mum. my week is a breeze and work an escape from this rather stressful episode in our lives. Denise has had a good innings but, as comes to us all, the inevitable finale is looming. Bev has had to get to grips with this and is now facing up to the reality of when, not if, we lose the last of our parents.

It's not been all doom and gloom.
Almost as soon as I'd arrived home, at 13.00 hrs Friday, there was a knock on the door and a community nurse came in to examine Denise, having been requested by the carers who'd visited earlier. It wasn't too long before the nurse was on the phone to the ambulance service, having diagnosed pneumonia and suspecting sepsis as an additional complication. Bev jumped into the ambulance to accompany her mum to QEQM Hospital, Margate, whilst I was left to hold the fort and, also, pick up Emily from school. As I have done every day this week; the simple reality of being a doting grand-parent? Because of the situation we couldn't go off anywhere but, previously, had been to Grove Ferry (Monday), West Stourmouth for a game of Pooh sticks (Tuesday), Stodmarsh NNR (Wednesday) and Ash/Goodnestone (Thursday). I'd instigated this activity in a direct attempt to show Emily what else is out there, beyond the screen of an i-pad! In all honesty she didn't take a lot of persuading and we enjoyed some fabulous time simply looking at whatever we came across. Be it combative coots, fighting over unseen boundaries, the whistling wings of Mute Swans as they flighted in to roost on the main lake or the hooting male Tawny Owl, in the Alder Wood at Stodders, Emily was open to it  all and quick to join in. "Pigeons, Crooks - when you can't decide Crow or Rook. Seagulls, Ducks" I was happy that she was looking, id is of no consequence at this juncture.

Emily and chocolate in the Tower Hide at Stodmarsh NNR
Yes she was a little exuberant on occasions, but I'd rather upset an old'n than discourage a child in this situation. Plus the chance to pit wits with such offended characters could be an interesting scenario should anyone be silly enough to try? Of course it didn't happen, but a guy did leave the hide, at Grove, shortly after we arrived - coincidence? Who, but him, will ever know? Overall it had been a rather varied week, although blogging hasn't been a priority, as you might have guessed.

Marsh Harrier over the reeds at Stodmarsh NNR

Mute Swans at sunset on the main lake at Stodmarsh NNR
Unbelievably, as I was sat at the laptop, just after 19.00 hrs preparing this offering, my mobile rang and it was Bev telling me that her mum has been confirmed as suffering with pneumonia, plus other complications, but there were no beds available and she was being sent home! "Come and get us as there are no ambulances available either!" There isn't time for me to write everything down about the failings of this wonderful system, the front line staff of the NHS have a massive burden placed upon them by the incompetence of multi-level management systems and bungling party political point scoring. If it were a stand alone business it would be in liquidation within an hour such is the lack of cohesion within the organisation. As with our carers, the doctors, nurses and auxiliary workers that have been involved in Denise's treatment over the past few months are hard working, dedicated individuals, doing their best with very little support from those money taking leeches further up the management chain.  With no assistance, Bev and I eventually managed to get Denise home, yet not without drama, and I'm happy to report that she had a restful night, thanks to the medication we obtained from the QEQM staff.

Sunset from the patio, Friday evening, prior to the night's main event
I'll leave it here, as having a shout up about a situation which is a national crisis isn't going to achieve anything. Boris and his gang had better get their fingers out and start delivering on those promises they made during the election campaign. "GET IT DONE!" to paraphrase the Tory, oft quoted, manifesto slogan. With the weather preventing me getting out for any serious angling, it looks like the garden might just have to provide me with some photo opportunities? I'm off to B&M's to get some more sunflower hearts before the wind and rain arrives.


  1. Rest assured Dyl, you have my support during these times. Best wishes to the rest of your family.

    1. Thanks Ric - keep your diary free for 11th/12th July - Sye's 60th! I'll email you when I have more details. Take care - Dyl

  2. Will do. Sye's 60th. And I always assumed I was older than he was. I'm 60 in November.