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Sunday 23 February 2020

Making plans

With nothing better to occupy my time, I've been tank testing some rig variations that I'm hoping to use when I finally get back down to my syndicate fishery. There have been some outstanding Youtube offerings which have assisted my thought processes and will, hopefully, see me start to unlock the code to this particular challenge.

Barbless hooks are a syndicate rule, so what pattern should I choose?
Two "Ronnie Rigs"  - yet I'm unsure if this will be my route to cracking the code.at this new fishery.

With so little experience of this style of angling, it would be ridiculous for me to pass judgement on the tactics of other syndicate members, but have to admit that I've been shocked by the amount of bait some lads have introduced whilst I've been at the venue. My approach will be very similar to that of my Barbel exploits on The Stour in 2013. Everything I do will be based upon my own experiences, not following trends simply because that's what is expected. If I manage to get down during February, and that's a big "IF", I will be using tactics designed to solicit a bite. Certainly not aimed at a big hit during the present weather conditions. One fish at a time is the way I envisage this learning experience to develop, as I seek an insight into the subtleties of this population of carp and the conundrums they pose.

Two chick peas with a fluoro pop-up topper., the weight of the hook sufficient to counterbalance the presentation.
Particles are far more to my liking, being within my comfort zone, than boily fishing and associated
fads which come with mass baiting programs.
In angling situations, where other anglers are as much a consideration as the fish themselves, I have to find myself an edge be that bait or rig? I will learn an awful lot by simply watching the other members without any requirement to engage in conversation. What a miserable git I'm becoming!
In the very limited time I've spent there, no carp have been caught, so the baiting strategies I've witnessed have failed. It is a blank canvas for me to start out from scratch and succeed, or fail, due to my own decision making.

Two grains of maize, plus an IB pop-up, on a blow back presentation.
 Now we're talking
I have absolutely no doubt that I'll find myself some like-minded company amidst the membership of the syndicate, yet harbour no desire to "fit in". I want this challenge to be conducted by me, using my rules, whilst remaining within the boundaries of the fishery regulations. It is a project which really has me excited, being so far removed from any other since my return to the hobby in May 2011. It will almost be like a return to Stanborough and the crazy days of 1983/4 when carp dominated much of my time. Even back then I had to do it my way and discover stuff for myself. My memories of that period are very rose-tinted but, ultimately, linked to incredible enjoyment and success. Let's hope this next chapter can mirror that of my past?

February 1984 - the fish which saw the Stanborough project to a successful conclusion.
23 lbs 14 oz - in 2020, it needs to be beaten, and using a split cane Mk IV!

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