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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Hypocrisy - who makes the call?

Being quite an opinionated individual, (perhaps you've noticed?), I choose to use this blog as a platform to offer my personal slant on things, as opposed to alternative social media outlets . I'd love to say that I remain within boundaries, limited by my own experiences, yet know that I often stray into uncharted waters - UK party politics being a very obvious case, recently. I can't help myself; it's like factory banter but without the come back, I say what I'm thinking at the time!
I have strongly held views about killing invertebrates purely for id league table status yet am just as passionate about the carp angling fraternity and their dismissal of all other species as nuisance fish. Just one man's opinion amidst a global population of billions. Under no illusion that I'm right and others are wrong, simply how I perceive the situation.

A couple of days ago. whilst sat at the desk in my study, I spotted a Brown Rat on the garden wall of my neighbour, directly beneath their feeders. I grabbed the camera and went outside, but not before I'd secured a few token images from the summerhouse. What I discovered was at least eight Brown Rats, including five rather small youngsters, enjoying the facilities on offer in this adjacent garden. What to do? Well the reality is nothing so long as these rodents remain within my neighbour's garden. However, one foot inside my boundaries and I've got a problem! What I've also got is a 1959 Webley Mk III air rifle (Walnut stock and fully original) and some extraordinarily effective "Neosorexa" rat poison which I can place within three plastic traps that are strategically positioned around the garden. Utter madness, under no circumstances would I feel the need to remove these creatures if they were Wood Mice!

I have a similar mind-set about Feral Rock Doves, yet refrain from any drastic action purely because I'm perfectly at ease with Collared Doves and Rose-ringed Parakeets utilising the same feeding opportunities. Foxes are actively encouraged into our garden, a Hedgehog would be treated like royalty, yet a Grey Squirrel would get a similar reception to the rats. How can this be? If I was consistent then needless killing, for whatever reason, is unacceptable? Obviously not and hence the blog title. Hypocrisy abounds; especially in this part of Thanet! I wouldn't mind betting that I'm in no way unique in my thought processes and irrational conclusions? Have a look at the following images and see if your reaction is the same as mine?

Always welcome

A bit of a cheat as this is an Eastern Hedgehog - always welcome
Sadly I haven't got any images of our native hedgehogs in my files.

Outside, always good to see. Inside the larder?  The joy is completely lost as I reach for the poison.
That's a yes - as native to Thanet as a Kiwi
A rat with wings, but I have to accept that because I'm feeding birds
they come as part of the deal.
Got to be a yes.
Absolutely no consistency, as irrational display of logical thought as is possible. One man's view of an unsolvable conundrum. The beauty of being an individual within a population of billions, I'm still allowed an opinion however far removed it might be from that of others! Oh yeah - what do you feel about discovering one of these in the garden; it's only a Grey Squirrel after all? If it didn't have a bushy tail it would be a white rat!

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