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Saturday, 29 February 2020

An hour at Stodmarsh

Bev's mum has been transferred to the therapy unit at Kent & Canterbury Hospital, in Canterbury - where else? This afternoon we jumped in the van took a drive into the Cathedral city so that Bev could visit her mum whilst I had a couple of hours to fill before heading back home, Bev in the passenger seat having done her bit for the day. I'd thought about going over to Thannington and the Fatfish tackle shop, but knowing that I needed to tax the van today, all £260 of it, decided on plan B. I went over to Stodmarsh NNR and took a stroll around to the Marsh hide. This filled my time slot perfectly and really turned out to be great decision. With Storm Jorge (say Hor-hay) battering the Kent countryside, all morning, I didn't hold out much hope but things couldn't have been more different during my sojourn. The wind had eased significantly and the sun shone brightly from a cloudless sky. What is going on with our weather? I've not much else to say as I hope the accompanying images will do the talking?

The sign on the door - does exactly what it says on the tin!
A shed with an awesome view

A fantastic venue at which to waste away an hour, or so. I'd taken the van because I knew that Bev would have a wobbly if I'd taken her car down the muddy lanes plus all my wet weather gear is in the back. Welly boots were an essential piece of kit to walk around the reserve today. No-one else out there, it was just me and a Great White Egret, bloody brilliant!

Just one more!

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