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Friday 14 February 2020

Chipping away

With the situation at home remaining rather restrictive, I'm grateful for any chance to spend time watching the birds which are visitors to the feeding station. That I've set myself the challenge to photograph fifty species during 2020 in, from or over our bungalow boundaries is helping me retain  focus and ensure that the bins and camera kit are always close to hand whenever I'm sat in my study. I'd previously stated that I'd be on twenty-five species by the end of March so I really need to make the most of any situation which might occur. As the past week was to see me working on lates meant that I'd have plenty of time in the mornings, all I required was some decent weather/sun to assist my cause.

It has been quite productive, with my total now standing on 19 species with some very silly omissions! What I also realised was the number of "missed chances" that occur during the average day? Just this week I've seen Great Black-backed Gull, Pied Wagtail, Rook and also heard a Curlew passing over Newlands as I parked the van on the drive after 22.00 hrs - none of which were ever in the running for a photo.

Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Jackdaw and Sparrowhawk are almost daily sightings, so quite why they've still not been added to my tally is a bit of a mystery? Must try harder! Jay and Stock Dove are also species which are a gimme during any week at this time of the year. The Green Woodpeckers, over at the farm compound, are very vocal thus I remain ever watchful for a flyover. This whole target driven project is exactly why I set myself these challenges. With so many other influences impacting so negatively, on my free time, the simple pleasure that I derive from the garden birding is a great antidote to the reality of everyday life. Birds might not play the role that they once did, but I'm very thankful to have enough experience to extract the maximum enjoyment from any encounter.

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