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Thursday, 30 January 2020

One step at a time

Down in this little corner, of East Kent, the weather is all over the place and, as such, so are the local fisheries. My new syndicate venue is proving to be a very interesting challenge and one which I am looking forward to taking on as time passes. I'd joined in the knowledge that the two ponds (they're described as lakes?) contained some very large carp but, of equal importance for me, also tench, bream and pike of weights that made membership well worth the fee. The fact that these venues are less than twenty minutes from the front door just added to the no-brainer decision when this opportunity became available. I'm now in and will remain so until I decide differently. Basically, once I've delivered on my promise and that split cane thirty has been landed, I'll possibly seek challenges at other venues? However, not wanting to wish my life away, I'll cross any bridges as they appear being in no great rush, just happy to dawdle along life's pathway enjoying each moment as it arrives.
Work is insane, at present, and looks likely to continue as such for the coming while. I'll make the most of this situation, readily accepting every extra penny on offer. Bev and I have our next  adventure already booked and all this overtime money goes straight into the holiday spending pot. No need to raid the savings account under these circumstances - happy days.
The situation with Bev's mum remains very much the same. Carers visiting three times a day to assist with her daily routine, each and every one of these folk totally dedicated and professional in their role. Quite simply it is unsustainable for Denise to remain in our bungalow without them. With all this as the background, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot that my fishing is some way down the priority list, at present. That said, I still manage to sneak in a few hours during the weekends and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Not quite what I was hoping for but, a bite's a bite and I'm sure a match angler would be well pleased with
a net full of these?
I've managed four sessions, thus far, none longer than four hours. Two total blanks, sandwiched between that small jack pike on my first visit and a bream on my latest attempt. I'd have called it a "snotter" but for the fact that it weighed four/five pounds and required the landing net. Certainly not why I was sitting behind the rods, but still another piece of the puzzle and all part of the learning process. I made mention in a previous post that I'd no intentions of starting carp fishing before 16th June. Wrong!!! On three, of the four, outings I've seen signs of carp activity and on one occasion a very large fish showed twice over an interesting spot. With the 1959 Mk IV's still awaiting the magic touch of Steve Boncey, it will be the 1983 Duncan Kay's which will get an airing whenever I am targeting these mud pigs. At this time of year it will simply be fishing for one bite at a time. There's absolutely no way (unlike so many of my fellow syndicate members) that I'll be piling in bait attempting to emulate those Youtube salesmen and their spectacular successes - brand logos being an essential component in any carp related situation? No, not for me, just a single hook bait accompanied by a small pva mesh bag of crumbed boilies and mixed 3 & 6 mm pellets nicked onto the hook prior to casting out. I've not done any serious winter carp fishing since 1983/4 so there's much catching up to do over the next six, or so, weeks

As you can see, I'm rapidly morphing into a complete tackle twat yet will incorporate odd items which will cause a reaction from the hardcore gang and demonstrate a level of eccentricity which comes from being a thinking individual and not a, brain dead, clone!

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