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Friday 10 January 2020

First impression

We have a saying at FSIS "You only have one chance to make a first impression".  I now find myself in such a position as I am about to embark on a new venture as a member of a local syndicate. After collecting Emily from school, this afternoon, we drove the short distance down to the fishery and I set eyes of the venue for the very first time. It has a good reputation as a carp fishery and is held in high esteem by many of the local lads. I have to say that I was very impressed, not having a clue what to expect prior to clambering up the bank. Absolutely immaculate, despite a couple of swims being out of bounds due to maintenance work, both Emily and I were very happy with what we found. Without a living soul on the complex, I wasted no time contacting the bailiff and arranging a short session for Saturday morning.

It will not be carp, however, which will be targeted on my initial visit. The fishery has a nice variety of species on offer and it will be the pike that will see my first baited hooks. I've been made aware that there are also some very big tench present in the older pool, plus a few decent bream and roach. The complete unknown is that of the perch potential, something I'm hoping to explore once I've spent a few sessions getting a feel for the place. So despite the fact that I've experienced my first impression, there will be several other opportunities to repeat the process as I set about targeting the various species which inhabit the fishery. As of now, although not tablets of stone, I have no intentions of starting carp fishing until 16th June! Plenty of scope for other projects to develop and explore over the coming six months. The first challenge is to catch a pike, any pike, from the venue then I will set my sights on a "Thanet double" something which has so far eluded me. If the truth were told, I've only ever caught one pike whilst within the Thanet boundary, I'm hopeful that syndicate membership allows me to add to this lowly tally?


  1. Hello Dylan, I briefly joined the same syndicate but never had the time to fish it. Well, I managed one two hour session. But I liked it. I visited a few times just to look round and soak up the atmosphere. As a couple of marsh-fishers, it stands at the northern edge of some of our mutual haunts. I enjoyed walking the paths to the rear of the ponds and looking out across the marshes. You can watch the breeze gathering for miles; quite a spooky location. Be lovely to see what you pull out. I've enjoyed a winter of 'bits'. Very short trips. A few decent pike, lots of small perch. Spotted some short eared owls and lots of kingfishers. But I haven't seen a barn owl this year. Got a call at the end of December to inform me that a barnie was hunting in daylight hours down on the Pegwell Country Park. That was in the gap after the rain so it must have been hungry. Be great to go down there at night some time to spot them. I seem to be doing more game and sea fishing these days. I'm looking forward to the new trout season in April. And then bass in May... But I still want a ten pound tench from those dykes...

    1. Cheers for this Gazza - I'll email you with some flatlands stuff very shortly!