Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Sunday 24 December 2017

Some morning

I couldn't face the ravages of the R. Stour eels for a second day, so went across to the levels for a short morning session on a small drain. Christmas Eve and I'm under strict instructions to be home by 11.00 hrs! I only took two rods, the split cane Mk IV's, and was fishing by 06.45 hrs. It remains unseasonably mild, the car display reading 8C as I parked and had risen to 10C when I left. The westerly breeze was more boisterous than of late, but not a problem. I had plenty of layers to prevent myself from getting cold. It was less than forty minutes before the sardine rod was away and I did battle with the largest pike I've taken on the "cane". 13 lbs, on the button, and my tenth double of the season. I was well pleased. Less than twenty-five minutes later, the same rod is away again, this time a jack of 5 or 6 lbs graces the landing net. Happy days!

I was sure that I'd get another chance, but had to wait until 09.45 hrs before the sardine rod was, once again, in action but the fish came adrift after a few seconds - hey ho! If I'd had been asked, before leaving, which bait I would bet on, then it would have been mackerel without fail. Didn't get a sniff today; just demonstrating how little I know. I arrived back home, almost on time, and was straight away involved in cleaning up the bungalow in preparation for the "big day". Looking out of the kitchen window I spotted a Green Woodpecker on the garden fence. Quickly alerting Bev to this first for the "in the garden list", I grabbed the camera from my study and managed to record a few record images, through the double glazing, of this smart visitor.

Absolutely no thoughts of fishing/birding tomorrow, it's all about the grand-children and family for the entire day. Benno and I are out Boxing Day morning for few hours of piking social, although we haven't decided where we're headed as yet? I should like to end the post by wishing everyone, who has visited this blog over the year, a splendid festive season and offer my sincere thanks for your support. It makes an old man very happy! Take care and stay safe - Dylan


  1. Got to love a yaffle, Dylan. Hear them most times when I am on the river. Do like a sardine too, but have not tied up passing Morrisons and them having decent ones in so it's blast frozen blueys at the mo. I tend to save my joeys for still water long chucks with a big lead. Suprising how many times a huge punt out in the middle of nowhere comes up trumps, especially in deep water with the bait fish often higher up.

    1. BB - Green Woodpeckers are fairly regular around this neck of the woods, just nice for one to pitch down in the garden! Sardines are a staple for me. I used to get frozen 1 kilo bags from Bejam (remember them?) in the days of Tring Ressies and The Thames. Today I can purchase fresh "Cornish" sardines from our local Tesco for £3/kilo - an absolute steal. My mackerel come from the same source and joeys they ain't. Benno has a supplier, down in Dover, who does get those sexy little mackerel and they have done us proud up on Loch Awe. Blueys have caught us some decent fish but I would use sardine, in preference, given the choice.
      Scotland apart, I haven't done any long range pike fishing since 1993! Back then, deep water and as far as I could chuck it were the basis for all my pike angling. I caught in spite, not because, of this chuck and chance tactic! Have a good Christmas - tight lines - Dyl

  2. From one old man to another, enjoy your special day tomorrow and Boxing Day with the rods. I shall be out tomorrow, hopefully having the countryside to myself.