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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Real friends

Bev and I have been away, for a couple of days, visiting Bath and Otterton! Bath is a fabulous city, where Bev's son (Darryl) and his lovely partner, Alix, (soon to be Mrs?) live and we were able to  spend time enjoying the vibe of the night life and the Christmas Market of this bustling metropolis. I have a real problem with the whole "Christmas" gig around the Cathedral, it was pure commercial chasing of the dollar - nowhere did the religious meaning of this seasonal celebration enter the fray.  Well aware that I'm a complete non-believer, surely that fairy story, that is the Bible, contains the tale about Jesus reacting, in a very animated manner, to the traders on the steps of "His Fathers House!" I have my parents to thank for this perception, because I really have no other reason to make such an observation. The "God Squad"- sold their soul for another dollar? Surely everything they're about is above such blatant manifestation of commercialism?

Down to Devon for an extraordinary gathering of The Saoulas Massive - an event of such "spiritual" origins that God would like to read the script! Eight people, from backgrounds which are as diverse as the planet could wish to bring together yet, joined because of a holiday - three years ago! I am very humbled by the bonds that have been forged - I love the sense of belonging that we've discovered, purely as a quirk of fate? I have no desire to explain, nor explore, why - I'm simply made up that it has happened - I'm an unbelievably privileged man! We ate, we laughed, we talked, we enjoyed each others company - nothing else to be said that would mean anything to those who weren't there. Leon & Pauline, Craig & Carrie-Anne, Steve & Sue and, of course, Bev - cheers you Malakas, till we meet again Yamas!!

The Kings Arms, Otterton, Devon - Happy days!


  1. Looks and sounds like a bloody good weekend.
    As a fellow non-believer I couldn't agree more with your comments about this Christmas lark. So much expense, so much debt, so much stress and all over a couple of days that have little relevance to the Christian event that it's supposed to be.

    1. As one guy once said to me, as we broke up for the Christmas break, "It's an awful lot of fuss for a roast dinner!"

    2. Hahaha that's a good way of putting it! I much prefer New Year than Christmas - early to bed on 31st and up at dawn to go birding. Each year I love January 1st as there's the excitement of what wildlife will be seen in the coming 12 months, will it be a good year on the allotment etc. Christmas now is just an overpriced orgy of materialism....thankfully I have a husband on the same wavelength!

    3. It's been a good few years since I was up and out, a birding, on New Year's Day. Some great memories of chasing from one site to another in the quest for the "ton". It took a while before I realized that birding is a journey, not a race, and I now treat my encounters with our natural world as a privilege, not a competition. I'm much the happier because of it.
      Looking forward to reading about the allotment project, should be interesting! Take care and have a great 2018 - Dylan

  2. Small world my big sister lives in the land of the rising wuzel and when down that way always pop in otterton mill.
    Have a good christmas and new year all the best
    Ronny & Olwyn

    1. Ron,
      So great to hear from you. Small world indeed! There's a plan, in the offing, to go back to Scotland next Spring. Nothing concrete, as yet, but the embers of an idea are certainly aglow - fancy it?
      Wishing you, Olwyn, and family a safe & peaceful holiday season - stay lucky - Dyl & Bev