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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My first Stour pike

Just home after a short, two hour, session on The Stour. I fished from 07.00 - 09.00 hrs and was, once again tormented by eels. Three times I had my baits savaged by these bloody pests, however, the fourth time the line pulled from the clip there was no mistake and I found myself attached to my very first R. Stour pike. A cracking scrap, in the flowing water, resulted in a lovely plump fish, of 13 lbs 8 oz gracing my landing net - well pleased.

A lovely, clean looking, pike in great condition.
I'll be heading back for some more sessions along the river and hopefully
 encounter a few more pike.
Birds were very much as expected, the only addition to my fishing list being that of pheasant! Four Marsh Harriers flew east, from their overnight roost in the Stour Valley and if Chris Hindle reports a record count of Cormorants, this morning, I wouldn't be at all surprised. Stream upon stream of these birds flew north, from their communal roost, in numbers that I found staggering. I couldn't even attempt a guess, there were that many.


  1. Congratulations Dyl!

    Those pesky freakin eels huh – just wait until we get some floodwater enter the system; nightmares!

    Nothing beats river piking as far as I’m concerned – lean, mean, fighting machines! Many fond memories fishing the tidal reaches of the River Stour; happy days indeed! - Best of luck with this new venture mate


    1. Andy,
      I've not caught a river twenty since Jan 1987! The Stour has everything going for it, plus I have permission from several farmers to fish from their ground, that I'd be a fool not to give it a go. I have seen some very recent photos of pike to 24 lbs 5 oz! Something similar would do for me. I have absolutely no experience with tidal rivers, so the learning curve will be as enjoyable as the fishing?
      Thanks for the comment - tight lines mate - Dyl

    2. Running water piiking is something else

    3. BB - it's a type of pike fishing that I enjoyed, so much, when I lived in Hertfordshire. The Thames, Hampshire Avon, Great Ouse and, even, The Gade have provided some fantastic pike fishing during that period. To discover that I now have an opportunity to revisit this exciting form of pike angling, right on my doorstep - less than twenty minutes from home to river - is something which I am hoping will provide that extra spark as I seek another "twenty"! I have to admit that the "tidal" influence is what makes this particular challenge so much more interesting for me, as I have no previous experience of these conditions. Big leads, heavy rods and my big baits, everything is aimed at catching a special fish - so very different from my recent pike angling exploits in East Kent!
      If I do get the bite I desire, then my kit has been chosen to ensure that I land the fish - this is serious - I am on the tidal Stour to catch a big pike, not to enjoy the thrill of bent split cane and centre-pin. If I manage to achieve my target, then I might well seek to add that extra dimension, such as centre-pins? I have a really good feel about this project; I'm excited - Dylan